5 Asian Football Clubs Without An Overseas Defender


A lot of football clubs used to invest a majority of their club’s budget in recruiting good defenders. Boosting their defensive strength has been always a goal for many football clubs and in order to strengthen their defensive squad sometimes football clubs looks for recruitable better players in foreign countries. However, at a time when many football clubs are looking for better foreign recruitments here are some clubs which don’t have any foreign defenders in their squad  .

1. Colombo FC

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This Sri Lankan football club has been one of the consistent performer in the top tier of Sri Lankan Football league over the past few seasons. Surprisingly unlike the fellow Sri Lankan clubs, Colombo FC has no overseas defenders in their squad. Although the club has recruited many foreigners in the past but at the moment , Colombo FC do not have any overseas defenders. However that has not stopped the club from becoming one of the powerhouse of Sri Lankan Football. In the upcoming transfer window, the club may go ahead and recruit some foreign signing specially in the defensive section.

2. Saif Sporting Club Ltd.

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Saif Sporting Club plays in Bangladesh Premier League, the top tier of Bangladeshi Football league structure. The club was founded in 2016 and soon it made its name in Bangladeshi football. However suprisingly Saif Sporting Club currently do not have any foreign recruitment in its defensive section. The local Bangladeshi footballers have been the backbone of its defenses so far. However in the upcoming time, considering the competition from the other clubs, Saif Sporting too can make a move in recruiting overseas defenders.