5 Northeastern Clubs Who Should Participate In I League 2nd Division


    The northeastern region of India has produced many national-level footballers. You wouldn’t be mistaken if you call the Northeastern region “the Hub” of Indian football. However, over the last few years, the emergence of football clubs from the northeast has decreased gradually. It is quite surprising that not many football clubs from the region which is full of talented footballers play in national leagues of Indian football. The I League 2nd Division tournament will provide the platform to all those clubs to showcase their caliber at the national level.

    However as All India Football Federation is gearing up for the next season of I league 2nd Division, we take a close look at some of the football clubs from northeastern states of India who should be playing in I league 2nd Division.

    1. Rynith FC – Meghalaya

    Rynith FC showed major glimpses of improvement when they signed an MoU with Bhutanese club Transport United FC. The MoU represents a great opportunity for both the clubs to learn from each others’ experience and expertise through mutual cooperation and collaboration. Over the last few years, this club from Meghalaya has been consistently participating in Shillong Premier League. In a recent interview with IFTWC Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw, the captain of the team indicated that the club is preparing to play in the I league and I league 2nd Division will aid them in this process.