5 Takeaways from India vs Lebanon – Intercontinental Cup


In a scintillating encounter between the national football teams of India and Lebanon, both sides displayed intense competition, tactical prowess, and remarkable resilience. This crucial men’s sporting event, held in the high of the Indian summer on a Thursday evening of June 15th, 2023, at the Kalinga Stadium in Odisha, marked the last round-robin fixture of the Hero Intercontinental Cup. 

Here are the five key takeaways from this enthralling game:

1. Goalkeepers stealing the show

Both the teams goalkeepers, Ali Sabeh and Amrinder Singh, showcased their goalkeeping prowess and astute positioning, adding zest to the Hero Intercontinental Cup clash. Amrinder’s standout moment arrived in the 32nd minute when he pulled off a remarkable save, thwarting Saad’s powerful header and displaying his shot-stopping abilities at their finest. Meanwhile, Sabeh, although not extensively tested, exhibited unwavering focus and agility throughout the match, maintaining a commanding presence in his box. Their contributions went beyond the usual, with their distribution and communication becoming a critical part of both teams’ defensive structures. Their performances ensured that both goalkeepers played pivotal roles, contributing to the beautiful and fiercely contested encounter.

India vs Lebanon, 15th June, 2023.

2. The impact of extreme weather conditions

The scorching heat and high humidity of the Indian subcontinent had a noticeable impact on the game. The players from both teams had to contend with the challenges posed by the weather, including increased perspiration and fatigue. The provision of cooling breaks played a crucial role in safeguarding the players’ well-being, allowing them to rehydrate and recover briefly during the match.

3. Drama in the stadium

The second half of the match saw an unexpected delay of five minutes as one of the floodlights went off, creating a brief moment of panic inside the stadium. However, the issue was swiftly resolved, and play resumed. While the exact impact on the game is speculative, such interruptions can disrupt the rhythm and momentum of both teams, potentially altering the dynamics on the field—something for the authorities to look into.

4. Solid defensive structure by both sides

Both Lebanon and India showcased solid defensive structures in the intense clash. Deploying a traditional four-man defense, both teams demonstrated discipline and tactical awareness in thwarting their opponents’ attacking threats. Lebanon’s backline, led by Jihad Ayoub, Walid Shour, Mohammad El Hayek, and Hussein Ali Zein, showcased impressive cohesion, organized positioning, and swift interceptions. Their effective marking and well-drilled defensive tactics made it challenging for India to breach their defensive lines. On the other hand, India’s defensive quartet of Anwar Ali, Akash Mishra, Sandesh Jhingan, and Nikhil Poojary exhibited resilience and strategic acumen, frustrating Lebanon’s forwards and limiting their clear-cut scoring opportunities. The busy midfield units of both teams also contributed to their solid defensive performances, ensuring compactness and denying spaces for the opposition to exploit.

India vs Lebanon, 15th June, 2023.

In the post-match interview, coach Igor Stimac expressed his satisfaction with the defensive performance, emphasizing the priority of maintaining a clean sheet.

Stimac remarked, “Very happy with the boys‘ performance, although we knew we would get tested a couple of times. They defended well. Created enough chances to go ahead. Even Sunil had a clear chance. Today, the priority was to keep a clean sheet. Still plenty to do, but I think we can win in three days’ time.”

5. Standout performances

a) Sahal Samad’s Work Rate: Sahal Samad, amidst criticism questioning his work rate and professional ethics, covered the most ground among all the Indian players in the match. His energetic performance was a response to his critics, proving his dedication and commitment to the team’s cause.

India vs Lebanon, 15th June, 2023.

b) Akash Mishra and Ashique’s Left-Flank Dominance: Akash Mishra and Ashique linked up effectively, keeping the left flank busy throughout the game. Their combination of play and relentless attacking threat posed problems for Lebanon’s defense, creating scoring opportunities for the Indian team.

c) A captain’s defending masterclass: Sandesh Jhingan displayed disciplined positioning and frustrated Lebanon’s attacking efforts throughout the night. Jhingan closed off the sharp centre forward Darwish in the 23rd minute with a brilliant tackle, not allowing the Lebanon national team to take a clear shot on target. That one instance alone justifies him earning the Hero of the Match award. 

Jhingan when asked about who he thinks are favorites to win the cup said, “Both sides in the finals, you can never pick any side. You want to win it, same goes for them. Our aim, our target will always be to win, and we’ll come with that belief two days later.”


More than a contest between two national sides, the match seemed to be a celebration of the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity. The spectacle on display at Kalinga Stadium will be etched in the memory of football fans, serving as a testament to the passion and resilience that the beautiful game inspires.

The match showcased the strength and quality of both teams, highlighting their deserving qualification for the tournament’s ultimate showdown. 

These two great teams will face off in the championship match as they compete for the coveted cup on June 18th, 2023, making for an entertaining finish to the competition for spectators.

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