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Indian Super League is the top flight league in India and is slowly but steadily becoming a consistent one. It was started back in 2014 with the goal of growing the sport of football in India and increasing its exposure in the country. Over the years the league has never been short of superstar players and also introduced quality young players to the world. The topic of interest is, who are the players who have made a huge impact in the ISL?

Picking just a few players is always very difficult. It’s even more difficult when someone has to select very few players from an impactful league which possesses innumerable talents. It’s even more difficult when you’ve to decide between players of different positions. How can someone compare Fransico Dorronsoro with Tiri or Fall with Sanatana? These players are purely based on their stats in ISL and also their ability in the given position. Form is temporary, class is permanent and these are the classiest foreign players with the most impact in ISL in no particular order. So without any further delay, let’s get this argument started.



Gallego is a very dominant player who was loaned from Boston Rivers to NothEast United FC in the 2018-19 ISL season. He was absolutely amazing on pitch on his debut. He formed a very deadly combination with his teammate, Ogbeche to boost NorthEast United to the playoffs. The Uruguayan superstar scored 5 goals in 30 appearances and is regarded as one of the best foreigner to ever play in ISL.  He helped the Highlanders to reach the playoffs of the ISL for the first time in history and there was never any doubt if he’s going to make it to his list or not.


9 FOREIGN PLAYERS  WITH THE MOST IMPACT IN ISL ferran  corominas 20200514 152932 0
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Ferran Corominas, commonly known as Coro is a Spanish attacking beast who’s currently playing for FC Goa. In 2017, the Spanish powerhouse signed for FC Goa and ever since, he has cemented his spot in the team. He scored 18 goals for his side in his debut season and eventually went on to win the golden boot later that season. He is one of the main reasons why FC Goa has been so consistent ever since he played for them. He’s currently the highest goal scorer in the Indian Super League with 34 goals in just 2 seasons and it won’t be a surprise if we see him lifting the silverware very soon with the Goan side.


9 FOREIGN PLAYERS  WITH THE MOST IMPACT IN ISL ogbechebartholomew 20200514 153527 0

Ogbeche is regarded as one of the most intelligent and skillful player by many fans in India. He has tremendous experience by playing for some big clubs in the world. He has also represented Nigeria in the FIFA World Cup and was playing alongside some legends and his idols as he said in an interview. Scoring a total of 27 goals in 34 games for both Northeast United FC and Kerala Blasters makes him one of the best and most ruthless striker to ever play in ISL.

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