A confident Kerala Blasters forced to bow down against a formidable Mumbai City FC squad; Post-Match Press Conference


A sloppy start from Kerala Blasters cost them the game tonight, albeit the immense fight-back in the second half. There were a few solid performances individually but the team work and the understanding were all out of place for Kerala Blasters. Mumbai City comfortably won 2-0 as predicted by our website.

Kibu said,

“I think we lost the match in the first eleven minutes itself. We can’t afford to give away two goals in such short time against a team as fantastic as Mumbai City. We’ve been conceding and not scoring this time around because I think we have very obvious chances to score and get back into the match tonight.

“I think no other team has created as many chances as we have against Mumbai City this season. It’s a very difficult task to do. They are complete in their defence. But we created chances whenever we could have and converting them is an aspect that we have continue working on this season.”

Despite the turnaround in the second half, Kerala Blasters couldn’t foster on their chances. On what was told to the players, Kibu said,

“I just reminded them of our game against NorthEast United, we were leading 2-0 and then they turned things around then why can’t we do the same. I liked very much how the team fought in the second half and were proactive.

“The team was focused in the beginning. They were very good but we committed mistakes early on in the game. Giving away the penalty changes everything. It’s definitely not a question of attitude, the attitude was good throughout. But we can’t afford to concede at this point of the season.”

About Sahal, Kibu told,

“As I told in the pre-match, Sahal will improve as every game passes by, he has to work on his finishing.”

Kibu Vicuna signed off by opining that this was the best XI he had available at his service and that the second goal was an unforgivable mistake from the centre-backs.

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