A Dive Into the Football Tactics of Kibu Vicuna

Mohun Bagan has had a historic triumph in I-League 2019-20, crowned as the champions, and the fans have gone gaga over the tactics of Kibu Vicuna, and have termed it fondly as Vicunaball.


The I League Season 2019-20 has come to an unexpected standstill due to the ongoing Worldwide pandemic Coronavirus. But that doesn’t change the fact that before it all happened, Mohun Bagan were already crowned champions of the season, thanks to a late winner from Baba Diawara in Kalyani. They sealed up the title with 39 points from 16 matches, still having 4 matches in hand before the season ends. This type of mesmerizing domination has been long missing from Indian football. However such domination was possible due to the style and brand of football they displayed on the pitch. Fans are calling the style “Vicunaball” because most of the credit goes to the man behind the scenes, manager Jose Antonio Kibu ‘Vicuna’ with the valuable support of assistant Coach Tomas Tchorz and physical trainer Paulius to implement that, on the field.

So what is this “Vicunaball”? Some are calling it a form of “Tiki-Taka”, some are calling it “Rondo”, but those are not exactly the terms we should use to describe his style. Today we will discuss about how Kibu Vicuña’s Mohun Bagan evolved tactically throughout the season