A sublime win for Mumbai City FC against Kerala Blasters FC; Post-Match Press Conference


Mumbai City FC notched a comfortable and sublime win against Kerala Blasters FC who were returning after defeating Hyderabad FC which was said to boost the confidence of the whole Kerala Blasters FC squad. Despite of the fight-back, the captain and the man between the sticks for Mumbai, Amrinder Singh, put forth a top class performance to help his team win the game.

Sergio Lobera said,

“For me, the most important thing is team work and not any individual excellence. Individual qualities will help you shine in a couple of games but it won’t win you the league. If you work as a team, the individuals will also get the result.”

Every attack and counterattack from Mumbai City FC seemed promising tonight. On that note, Sergio Lobera said,

“The early minutes of the game is very important for me, we spake about this before the game started. I’m very happy with how my team started. But I’m not very happy with the way we managed to stick around after scoring those two goals. They (Kerala) got a lot of chances due to our mistakes. They got motivated. But we need to work on the aspect of keeping the lead.”

On substituting Hugo Boumous, Lobera said,

“Hugo was substituted only because we were losing the ball too often and we needed some fresh legs to handle the situation”

On Amrinder Singh’s performance, Sergio Lobera said,

“No, he is not injured. I’m very happy with how Amrinder performed. It was his performance that won us the game tonight. Amrinder worked very well in stopping two to three chances of theirs.”

Sergio Lobera said the decision where Hugo took the penalty was solely taken by the players.

About Bipin Singh, Sergio Lobera told,

“Bipin is a very good player. Giving him confidence was a major part of grooming him.”

Sergio Lobera signed off.

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