Akash Mishra – “Favourite player is Sergio Ramos!!” ||Exclusive Interview with Akash:

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Akash Mishra is one of the brightest Indian talents who is currently playing for Indian Arrows. Akash plays as left back and has a brilliant left foot. He is one of the exciting prospect for the National team in the near future. Akash Mishra was selected in Germany and gone through training for 3 years in Germany. He will be one of the big names in the near future for sure.

We caught up with Akash Mishra to know about his journey so far and about his future plans. We had also done with the rapid fire below.

Here is our exclusive interview with Akash Mishra and his answers as followed.

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Q)What made choosing Football as career?

At age of 11 I started playing Football, my brother inspired me to play Football, I love travelling by playing Football I can travel to many places so this made me to choose Football as career.

Q)How do you keep yourself calm under pressure?

Everyone make mistakes. Mistakes are natural and don’t be afraid to make mistakes this keeps me calm under pressure.

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Q)How do you guys motivate if trailing in half time ?

We push everyone as we can do it in 2nd half and we can score in 2nd half.

Q)What is the most Important stepping stone in your career?

I think the most important stepping stone in my career is Getting selected in U-15 team. It is the most important thing which pushed me towards football more. So it is the most important stepping stone in my career.

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Q)What about your Childhood career struggle?

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Main struggle was the study burden which everyone faces and love for the game.

Q)What are your Career goals?  

There are many goals but main career goal is Winning trophies.

Q)What is bar/level you have set yourself for being successful?

Making my parents and Nation proud are the main things I have set for being successful.

Q)What is the advice for Youth players?

Don’t listen to anyone, don’t listen what people say, focus yourself and focus on game.

Q)How Indian Arrows benefitted your game?

Helped to play with more professional players. 1st season I didn’t got many play time but this season I am enjoying more game time.

Q)What is your Ultimate aim?

Ultimate aim is to play for National Team. Nothing is more important than playing for National Team and every player wants to play outside India it is also one of the ultimate aim.

Q)What is your natural position?

I started playing as Centre back and now playing as left full back. I would play any position if team needs.

Q)About your football Journey?

It is God’s grace. Came through alot, born in small town in Uttar Pradesh then went to play in Germany for 3 years and now to be selected in National team. Blessing of my parents and their support for me is huge.

Rapid Fire:

Favourite player – Sergio Ramos because of his playing style.

Favourite club – Indian Arrows.

Favourite sport other than Football – Cricket.

Most underrated player you have played with – Manvir Singh.

Favourite Football Moment – Playing first game in National jersey.

Most trusted friend: It would be Aayush. Because we two are together for the last 6 years.

Best coach – All coach I have worked with are best.

Dream club – Manchester United.

Favourite player in Your team – Vikram Pratap.

If not Football what you may pursue as Career – Business Man.

Three main goals – 1st main goal is to try to do much better from last season. 2nd main goal is to Help other team mates from both attack and defence. 3rd main goal will be winning trophies.

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