Akash Mishra invests in Techtro Lucknow FC


The momentous announcement that all the fans across Uttar Pradesh were waiting for is here. Techtro Lucknow FC has joined forces with Akash Mishra, the Indian International Football star, to develop and promote the beautiful game in the state.

Akash Mishra, renowned for his exceptional talent as a full-back for the Indian National Team and Mumbai City FC in the Indian Super League, has made the decision to invest in Techtro Lucknow with the aim of creating a brighter future for football in Uttar Pradesh.

This groundbreaking partnership is all set to bring about a revolution in the way the sport is perceived and nurtured in the region.

Akash Mishra

To begin with, the cornerstone of this visionary collaboration is the launch of a 6-month-long Golden Baby League in Lucknow.

The bigger picture sees a clear roadmap, which has been termed as the “Lakshya 2030”, and Techtro Lucknow aims to empower young children and focus on grassroots and youth development, igniting a passion for football among the budding talents of Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, Techtro Lucknow plans to establish academies across the state to facilitate the growth of young athletes and provide access to top-tier training facilities.

Akash started his football journey from this state and district and got scouted from Lucknow, and there can be nothing better than getting back to his roots to contribute for his own people.

Not only does this partnership seek to empower young players, but it also aims to elevate the standards of coaching in the state. Techtro Lucknow, will conduct licensing courses to nurture and enhance the skills of coaches, thus creating a culture of excellence in Uttar Pradesh football.

This commitment to the growth of the sport at all levels underscores the dedication of Techtro Lucknow and Akash Mishra to foster a footballing environment that is uniquely Uttar Pradesh.

The long-term vision for this partnership extends beyond the grassroots level.

Techtro Lucknow’s dream is to build advanced and elite residential academies across the state, offering young players an unparalleled platform to showcase their skills in prestigious tournaments such as the Youth I-Leagues.

The owner and founder of Techtro Lucknow FC, Neeraj Kholiya, expressed his feelings by saying, “We started this club from a YouTube channel to becoming the first professional club from UP, and I believe in embracing the journey, trust the process”.

He also added on this new beginning, “There can be no one better than Akash Mishra who matches our vision to promote football in UP and having Akash on board will be a big boost for us”.

With this foundation in place, Techtro Lucknow aspires to produce homegrown talents that will represent Uttar Pradesh in state tournaments, national competitions and ultimately on the revered stage of the Indian National Team.

Akash Mishra

Yet, this partnership is not just about football. It is about the collective dream of an entire community.

Techtro Lucknow FC’s commitment to the people and Indian football is exemplified by its association with Akash Mishra, an Indian International whose involvement amplifies the passion and connection between the club and its supporters.

The reason behind joining hands with Techtro Lucknow was crystal clear for Akash, as he said, “Techtro Lucknow has come a long way with limited resources and has contributed so much to the local players, including sending players to India camp and players playing professional football”.

Akash added, “Techtro Lucknow’s work at the grassroots level has been impressive too, and if someone is doing the right thing and the right step, I would love to stand with them, especially more so because of having an emotional connect with the place from where it all began for me”.

With Akash Mishra’s expertise and unwavering dedication, the fans, players, and the Techtro Lucknow family will rally together to build a future where dreams become reality. This partnership represents a new chapter in the history of Uttar Pradesh football.

With hearts filled with emotion and a burning desire to transform dreams into legacy, Techtro Lucknow and Akash Mishra have dedicated themselves to ushering in a new era of football in the state.

The journey begins now as we unite as one, driving towards a future that is brighter, bolder, and brimming with pride for our beloved state of Uttar Pradesh and gradually the entire Nation for the common goal of uplifting and developing football in the country.

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