Akshay Tandon reveals FC Goa’s future plans and projects

Akshay Tandon FC Goa

FC Goa is a team that has consistently demonstrated long-term vision and planning. FC Goa’s president, Akshay Tandon, has been the man with the baton for the organization. As part of the Gaur administration’s effort to make FC Goa a larger brand, the club has developed grassroots football programs and has worked closely with the Goa government over the years. A recent strategic partnership for youth development was also announced with RB Leipzig until 2023.

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Akshay Tandon revealed some of his FC Goa plans in a recent tweet, sharing that many of them have already been implemented. Tandon says Goa’s first goal is to enhance fan interaction and to become more digitally inclusive. Additionally, they are aiming for break-even in the near future, i.e. the time when costs of production equal revenue. This article takes a look at the eleven projects that The Gaurs are working on currently.

Digital First

This project aims to connect FC Goa fans with young footballers all over Goa and India. Another objective of this project is to improve the digital content and further increase fan interaction. The management eventually aims to gain a wider fanbase which may help them reach the breakeven faster.

Soccer Camps

The pandemic had forced Goa to shift its soccer camps to online camps last year around. The event turned out to be a major success, and Goa plans to expand to more cities across India with the support of RB Leipzig, their strategic partner.


FC Goa has formed a partnership with a local institution, and the management of Goa along with the local institution has identified a football infrastructure development project in North Goa, which will enable them to make significant progress in their project to develop residential soccer academies. The management expects the academy to be ready next year if everything goes well.

Little Gaurs League

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The Forca Goa Organisation will be improving the Little Gaurs League, which is conducted all over Goa with 110 teams from the age group of U6 to U12. The plan is to introduce more matches with an increased number of teams which will provide the aspiring footballers with more game time and experience.

Project X

This project focuses on developing a platform for conducting football tournaments. Tandon was reluctant to share more details, but he said there would be something for everyone.

Local ecosystem

To explore more opportunities, FC Goa aims to build better relationships with other stakeholders in the Goan football ecosystem. Over 180 football clubs are registered in Goa and The Gaurs want to establish connections with all of them.

Feeder Clubs

The Goa management is developing a model for engaging with other clubs and academies around the country doing well at the grassroots level. In a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, the club plans to increase its pool of youth players by co-developing talents with other clubs.


The Goa management believes that merchandise is one place where they have failed to progress but this project aims to improve the situation. The plan is to simplify the jersey purchase experience and then move into other products. Also in the works is an FC Goa store, and Tandon reveals that it might be a Shop in Shop to start with.

Strategic Partnerships

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Following its partnership with RB Leipzig, FC Goa does not intend to stop there. Tandon reveals that the management is working towards more partnerships to increase their knowledge, reach, distribution, and access to infrastructure. Partnerships with like-minded non-commercial entities are also something that Goa looks forward to.

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Fields of Dreams

The Goa management is making constant strides towards their aim to develop existing football grounds in Goa to world-class standards. After its successful partnership with Salvador del Mur Panchayat, the Goa management plans to establish several more.

Ambassador Program

Over the years, FC Goa has worked with many fans who have volunteered with the club in various capacities, ranging from stadium operations to Little Gaurs League support. The Ambassador program aims to formalize this relationship to bring the fans closer to the club.

Having a glance at these eleven projects will give anybody a glimpse into the dedication and commitment of the Goan management towards the development of football in Goa. We can only hope that all these projects succeed and FC Goa can become a global brand.

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