Alexandre Guimaraes – The perfect candidate ?


Alexandre Guimaraes - The perfect candidate ? guimaraes 3801963481447

Another name that made the officials took notice and quite known in India is Alexandre Guimarae. In his first season here, Guimaraes guided Mumbai City FC to the top of the table during the regular ISL season but failed to make it to the final. A former Costa Rica World Cupper (Italia 90), Guimaraes took Costa Rica to two World Cups (2002 and 2006) and is likely to at least make the final shortlist.

Guimareas had 1.83 points per match with Costa Rica in 2001-2002. He took them to World Cup 2002 and 2006. He has experience of 50+ Matches with Costa Rica. Approximately 25 matches with Panama. 1.70 points per match with Saprisa (Top club in top division of Costa Rica). He has Experience of coaching Gulf clubs. He was with CSL club Tj Teda. In 2016, Mumbai City FC finished 1st in the league under him.

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Mumbai City FC under Guimareas in 2016

Guimaraes plays a moderate football, Not so attacking, not so defensive. He has largely preferred a short, quick passing game, with an emphasis to move the ball to the wings and create space for crosses.He plays 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 or 4-3(2+1)-3. He will apply the formation depending on team.

When he was with Mumbai City FC, he played with 4-3-3 which played 4-2-3-1 during the matches actually. He used to play a double pivot. Pronoy used to sit back and Vadocz used to join attacks. He likes to have pacey wingers. Mumbai had Sony Norde and Jackichand that time. He used them very well. The Central Attacking midfielder and striker used to play each other in. Like spurs do with Alli and Kane. Mumbai had Forlan and Defederico doing that. Both had brilliant combination. He plays a short passing game. His team will play one or two long balls just to surprise oppositions. He uses wings and as well as central attacking gameplay. Vadoxz, Defederico scored lot of goals under even after playing as central midfielder (Defederico as Attacking midfielder). Mumbai played one touch passing game under him in the final third and had success. His team spread the play very well Sony Norde and Jacki/Britto Alvas (Cafu) played well on wings, due to majority of central attacking gameplay, wingers had lot of space. Mumbai City FC never struggled under him defensively. He assures defending ad well as Attacking. He will give freedom to attacking players which will help Udanta and Soosairaj/Chhangte. He can be a perfect for National team. He has experience in India.