Alison Kharsyntiew – We are happy about the performance from the team

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Northeast United FC clashed against Bengaluru FC today, where the result ended by sharing a point each. Machado scored for the Highlanders while Bheke made his name on the score sheet for Bengaluru FC.

Northeast United FC’s assistant coach Alison Kharsyntiew addressed the media and said,

“Our objective was to bag 3 points. But, Bengaluru FC are the tough team. It’s better to have 1 point than no points. We worked as a team today even in absence of coach Gerard Nus. I hope the boys will play more confidently in upcoming games.”

Upon asked about the Gurmeet’s mistake, Alison said,

“This is football and mistake happens, but he did well throughout the match. Hope he will learn from it and I can surely say he will be improved and will be handling situation more confidently from next time.”

Kharsyntiew signed off by saying he had a very good experience and learning by handling the team from sideline in absence of head-coach.

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Shrivatsa Joglekar
A passionate football lover and writer from Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

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