Antonio Habas – If a game is impossible to win, it’s better to draw it; today’s match was tough, we drew it


A stellar of a match between Chennaiyin FC and ATK Mohun Bagan with end to end action ended with zero goals to both the sides’ names. The spoils were shared. Unfortunately ATK Mohun Bagan had only 1 shot on target and Chennaiyin FC had 7 shots on target. Arindam made sure he kept his clean sheet for one more match tonight.

Antonio Habas said,

“No, we’re not disappointed. If a game is impossible to win, it’s better to draw it. Today’s match was tough and we drew it. And we’re at the top of the table. So, it’s good.”

ATK Mohun Bagan had more time to prepare than Chennaiyin FC did, albeit, Chennaiyin dominated the match. On the note of the gap, Antonio Habas said,

“There are no excuses on that note. On a given week, one team will have a tight schedule and the week following that, it’ll be for another team. What’s not excusable is the final score, we didn’t dominate it.”

On the note of why Prabir Das has not been on the starting eleven more often, Habas said,

“It’s because to play Manvir we use a different formation and Prabir fits into another formation, it’s as simple as that. Prabir will get his chances. Not every player can always make it into the starting eleven as it is a tight league and we don’t want players to get injured and get stressed about it. The coach will choose what’s best for the player.”

To as to why the defensive line looked shaky, Habas said,

“We didn’t do clearances properly and we lost the ball quite often there. Also, there were a lot of fouls against us. And it’s hard to stay on with these many fouls.”

Antonio Habas signed off.

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