Both coaches believe they could’ve bagged all three points as Bengaluru FC shares spoils with Odisha FC


Meanwhile, the head coach of Odisha FC Stuart Baxter sounded disappointed with the result,
” I’m frustrated with many things : the inability to put the game to bed, inability to defend, set pieces “

Speaking on the importance of set pieces, he said
” You can dominate the ball and the game, but if you don’t dominate the set plays, it becomes difficult to win a game of football. “

He felt that they had a decent chance of winning and starting with three forwards wasn’t risky by exposing the defence.

” We could’ve won the game playing the way we did. I don’t think we are weak in the defence or open play to the degree that we need to change. “

Speaking on the way the league has panned out, he said

” The teams have opened well. In all the matches, the results can go either way. Even today, it could’ve been a win for us or Bengaluru. I think that’s how the league is going to be now. “

He signed off.

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