Bozidar Bandovic – We need more goals to win the game


Chennaiyin FC suffered a 3-0 loss against arch-rivals Kerala Blasters in their last game. They look to rejuvenate and grab 3 points as they face bottom – placed Bengaluru FC. Chennaiyin would love to get back to their form by thumping authority against their South-Indian rivals. Chhenaiyin FC head coach Bozidar Bandovic addressed media ahead of an enthralling South-Indian derby.

Bozidar Bandovic

On strengtening the squad in January transfer window

I know I have short term contract, but I am working as if I am going to stay here for five years and this is a new team we are building squad for the future. As far as transfers are concerned the club is going to announce it very soon, but it is very important that we are focused towards the next game.

Update on Crivellaro’s injury

Therapist is taking care of him. He is not training individually or with the team so he’s not available.

On Performance of the team so far this season

Anything is possible in this league, we conceded a lot of goals and did lot of mistakes. We need to understand that it’s a very short tournament and it’s difficult for players when they come here without playing much football. But, I am happy with our performance, Our players they give everything and they work very hard. You need to understand that you are in bubble where you just train and come back to your room and train. So it’s very difficult and if you win two games you are in the top and if you lose two games you are in the bottom. So it’s a very big challenge.

On facing Bengaluru FC

They are a strong team. They are very dangerous from set-pieces. They may have won only single game, but still they are a dangerous team and they got players who can score goals. We need to look at ourselves too, even we lost the last game and we are coming back. So it’s going to be a strong game, It’s up to the players who should perform up to the expectations and as I told you before I am happy with our players. They are jelling well on the field and off-the field as well. They really work hard so I am happy with the team.

On adressing players about errors they committed in the last game

Of course, we make mistakes, that is part of our job. It is very important to have a good communication. We are a very new team and played 7 games in 30 days. We are in a process and I want my team to stable. They showed stability, discipline and organization in the first 7 games. I am trying to change few things. I want them to be more disciplined. I know because I have coached in UCL in Europe and ACL in Asia. The result comes with discipline not with the luck. I think mistakes are natural when you play 7 games in 30 days as a new team. They will learn from mistakes. It takes time everything cannot happen in 3 months.

On reaction and recovery of team in 8 days

Excellent, Very good. I am really proud of my team of what we did with them from the first day. They are disciplined and they work very hard. We have a very good communication. Believe me I couldn’t be more happier than this and I really enjoyed working with them in the difficult times. Atmosphere in the team is very fantastic.

On playing alongside Indian players

Slavko – My first impression is that in Europe football is bit different than here. Here it’s more of open play defenders are prone to more counter-attacks. As far as playing alongside Indian players are concerned they are working hard and they are lucky that they are learning from one of the best coaches.

On observing the change in the trends of the team by scoring more goals

I think it’s important that we create more chances it’s a matter of time that we start scoring goals. I think even in the last game we created chances but we failed to score goals. Before conceding, if we had scored we would have been in different situation. Even there’s a lot of pressure because everybody is talking about this, we need to learn to handle pressure and we should be relaxed and should start scoring more goals.

On your experience with the coach

Slavko- We have really worked hard for the 4 months. I have only good things to say about him. I had great experience working with him , I think all the players will agree with me. In upcoming months of course we will keep working hard and we will be more stable, we look to improve further especially in defense.

On how easy or difficult it is to defend in India compared to Europe

Slavko- Of course, it is not easy to adapt to so many kind of changes immediately. I am trying my best to improve every game. All of us need to be more concentrated while defending. I am sure we will be even better as the days pass off.

On improving goal scoring form against Bengaluru FC

Of course, we need to improve when we look back at 7 games. We had 4 games in 11 days, so I believe it would be better this game. Most of the games we did pretty well in offensive part. Tomorrow it is going to be much better for sure. I believe in my players they have to repeat what they are doing and we gonna get the results for sure.

On midfielders being responsible for the lack of goals

Not only midfielders, whole team is responsible for this. Yes they did score some goals which was good for us, but we need more goals to win the game. They are doing good, but there’s always space for improvement. I expect much better goal-scoring from the team.

On Jobby getting game time

Actually, Jobby was out of the bubble for personal reasons and after coming back he had only two training sessions. It is impossible to have him in the squad after only two trainings.

On favorite defender in the league

Slavko – For me, Juanan of Hyderabad is the best defender.

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