5 likely contenders for the AIFF Player Of The Year(Men’s)


#2 Sunil Chhetri

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Sunil Chhetri, being a solid contender for the POTY once again.

You didn’t expect a list without this player in it, did you? Sunil Chhetri was bound to be here.

He has scored truckloads of goals for India, including the very first goal of India’s World Cup 2022 qualifying campaign against Oman. He continued doing what he does best, but the team wasn’t able to reap the fruits.

He scored 9 goals for Bengaluru FC in 17 matches, the most by an Indian this season, yet again. His team lost in the semi-finals, meaning Chhetri failed to get his hands on a trophy after a long time.

If it was another usual season, he would have won the AIFF Player Of The Year hands down. But this season was different. The award could be going to a different set of hands this time.

#1 Brandon Fernandes

5 likely contenders for the AIFF Player Of The Year(Men's) SAVE 20200621 153138
Brandon Fernandes in the King’s Cup in Thailand.

Brandon’s role in the National Team until now can be summed up in one sentence- when the team is drowning, it’s his hand which pulls the team out of the deep and dark sea.

Adil Khan, Sunil Chhetri and Len Doungel all scored for their nation in the FIFA qualifiers. But not everyone noticed the saviour, the supply-line, who provided those assists. India has found a set-piece taker in Brandon Fernandes, and India would have been in worse situation currently if it weren’t for him.

With an undeniably above average performance for India, Brandon continued to shine for FC Goa, being their best Indian player this season too. He assisted his teammates 7 times, and scored twice as well. He was a standout performer for Goa, and has propelled the Gaurs to the Champions League.

Brandon deserves the Player Of The Year trophy, more than anyone else. India has found their Mr. Saviour, it’s time he gets the recognition too.

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