Csaba László apprised of the threat Hyderabad FC constitutes against Chennaiyin FC; Pre-match Press Conference


Chennaiyin FC are set to take on Hyderabad FC after a five day gap. This will be their first match in the new year. Chennaiyin FC are coming back from a draw whereas Hyderabad FC suffered a loss against Kerala Blasters FC in their previous match.

In the pre-match press conference conducted by Chennaiyin FC, coach Csaba László answered a few questions from the media.

Chennaiyin FC are always known for creating more chances than their opponents but have been lacking on the finishing touch and it has been a growing concern for the contingent. On that note, Csaba László said,

“Yes and no. Yes because I agree. No because if you have the chance to score goal, you have to be more focused. Also, you have to build your confidence. Football is a psychological game. I want to protect my players from media pressure. I’m working with my team, this is what I do every day early in the morning, especially with the players who should be scoring goals or creating chances, say Chhangte or Jakub. Hopefully, we can creat more number of shots which will hopefully get converted into goals.

“It’s usually harder to create chances but for us it is finishing them. But I will continue working in the same way we’ve been working till now. I’m really confident the boys will score.”

On being asked how hard is it to motivate the players when going through a rough and unlucky stretch, Csaba László said,

“We’re inside the bio-bubble, so I have the time to go and talk with each and every player individually. We show videos to players on how they can do better in the subsequent games. I motivate the players individually. I hope Jakub Sylvester will score in the next game and it’ll give him the boost to score in consecutive games as well. Same applies for Chhangte, Thapa, Ali and Fatkhullo as well.

“I’m pleased with how my players have been responding to my plans. Players have also been openly and individually asking me to help them out.”

Csaba László confirmed Rafael Crivellaro’s unavailability for the game as he suffered an injury in the previous game which is told to be swollen. Diagnosis, treatment and whatever is needful will be done, said Csaba László. He also hinted Germanpreet Singh may not be available.

Csaba László also hinted there may not be any transfers happening as he doesn’t think it is worth putting in effort and spending money in getting a player who will fit into his system of play because the player will have to go through a quarantine period and later take time to get adjusted to the conditions here in India.

About Hyderabad FC, Csaba László said that any team playing against them should be extremely careful as all their foreigners are now available for selection now provided how good they have been, but he reiterated that he believes his team can win tomorrow’s game and signed off.

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