Csaba László – I feel Marcelinho is a good footballer


After a string of winless run, Chennaiyin FC managed grab their first win in a while as Esmaël Gonçalves scored a brace for his side at the 15th and 22st minute whilst Odisha FC tried to register a comeback with the services of Diego Mauricio by scoring a goal at the 63rd minute.

Csaba László said,

“It was evident that I was very unsatisfied this month. As Isma came back from injury, I told him that if he wants to be a part of this team, you have to show it, work hard and score goals. He understood and made us proud that we brought him back in. I’m sure he has a lot more potential in him and let this give him more confidence as well.”

Csaba László further said that he would love to see Isma and Jakub play together albeit being a competition to both of them inside the team.

Csaba László continued,

“I was a bit surprised to see Marcelinho start. I thought they will play with two strikes up front but not Marcelinho. But I was happy because in the first half, we had a lot more of the ball possession in the midfield due to which we only had to deal with lesser pressure. Okay, we scored two goals. And I feel Marcelinho is a good footballer, but I don’t decide what happens inside their team. Still, we dominated in the first half, managed to control the game in the second half. We played well.”

Csaba László disagreed to the statement that there were gaps in his defense even though they conceded a goal. He suggested that the team is slowly fostering in registering goals from open play.

Csaba László signed off.

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