Cuadrat – Football needs time and I’m really proud of my players


Confident Cuadrat is one hundred percent ready to outpour his perks and guide his team to the party.


In views saluting to the Indian Super League, Bengaluru FC has been the favourite among favourites operating on the lines and as well in the field.

 With all high-set intentions Carles Cuadrat’s Bengaluru FC will come up against the Yellow Brigadiers Kerala Blasters FC on a fine-sunday night. With no doubt, the southern rivalry will tend to attract the stardust and intend to cast a beguiling contest . Ahead of a challenging match, Carles confidently took part in the press conference and addressed about the team’s planning and understanding.  

On a positive note, Bengaluru FC has been faring a good season with no defeat and that gives an added advantage to Cuadrat. He further addressed “I think we are working well. We will be getting more points. We have six points but we could have got eight or 10. We have to be mentally and physically strong. Some teams had more pre-season but they were not able to take three points. This is something we are working on and we will eventually get there”.

With such positive intent Carles praised on the performance of his strikers that they have been contributing central chances to the team and what they ought to do is to capitalize and prove their mettle. Cuadrat also opined that Opseth and Cleiton are close to scoring consistently for the team. “If you see the last game, Kristian and Cleiton have had very clear chances to score, but they haven’t taken it so far. But, it is all football and it just needs space and time to reconcile. Players and coaches both know how to deal with that. The important thing is that work and training that is happening and we are working well at the moment” said Carles on a certain note.

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Bengaluru FC’s set pieces tactics are considered to be a matter of recognition. He further accentuated that the new players in the squad would need more time to get accustomed to his style of play, and Football is all about understanding and needs time. Football is a game of topics. People say that we only live for set-pieces. That we are missing some players and we are not the same team. But we were working well in all the seasons, and Critics must assure to takeaway the positives rather than looking at the contrasts” says Cuadrat feels despondent on Critic’s comments and post.

But Confident Cuadrat is one hundred percent ready to outpour his perks and guide his time to the party. Bengaluru FC has a good record against Kerala Blasters and this should help Carles to turn things having an optimistic mind. He feels his team is as fit as fiddle and will work hard to fetch the three-points.

“Physicality is essential to master the game time. The team is carrying out all the plans on the pitch. We are improving every day.” hailed Carles positively.

To the end, Carles had all praises for the newly deployed left-back Ashique Kuruniyan, and of late he has been spectacular with his play-style and the composure he embarks on the pitch.


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