Deggie Cardozo – FC Goa has always focused more on Goans

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Ahead of the Goa Professional League, the FC Goa’s development team head-coach Deggie Cardozo and three other players Sarineo Fernandes, Nestor Dias and Aaren D’Silva addressed the press in a digital press conference.

Speaking upon the pandemic situation and mental health of players, Cardozo said,

It was a big break for us due to pandemic. We carry a good young squad and started our training five weeks back. Even though the players were not on the field they are in good shape as they have maintained themselves very well. We had a good short pre-season. Our Technical Director Derrick Pereira has been guiding us very well.

Quoting on development of young guns in the squad and leading them to the senior team, Cardozo said,

We constantly have kept our objective to develop the players here with the right mentality. The trend has been the same for us, for years. We aim to develop the players here and then promote them to the senior team. If you see, only training with the first team is not important but also giving these young lads their game time is more crucial.

FC Goa has always visioned to focus more on local players. Players playing here in the developmental team will learn more by focusing on every small detail of the game,” He added.

Nestor Dias, Aaren D’Silva and Sarineo Fernandes who trained with the first team in ISL preparations also shared their thoughts.

The intensity there (Indian Super League) is much higher than the Goa Professional League. I found that all the players are very calm on the ball and know how to handle the pressure. I learnt many things from senior and foreign players“, said the 22-year-old midfielder Nestor Dias.

The striker Aaren D’Silva said,

It was good to be in the camp with the senior team and I learnt a lot from there. All the players always guide us in various aspects needed in the game. Speaking of Goa Professional League season, we believe in the team spirit and aim to win the league.

Sarineo said, “We will give our best to win the league and try to perform as best as possible.

Head-coach Deggie Cardozo shared his thoughts on the first match against Salgaocar FC and said,

We are well prepared for our first match and for every opponent we face. Moreover, we had numerous technical sessions to handle different opponents. Every individual player is giving 100% which can be seen in the training.

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