EAST BENGAL in talks with Costa Rica’s World Cup Coach, Oscar Ramirez, according to reports.

Oscar Ramirez

East Bengal has recently been very active in the transfer market, making new impressive signings and are rumored to make many more in coming days. But it has been a big question mark for the fans and all people following, for who would be the coach of the team?

With almost an entire new squad signed it had to be that the next news about the coach. With rumors of a Costa Rican Coach to be signed roaming around our ears, the latest update came from ESPN Venezuela making us more sure of the rumors to be correct. Well not much prizes for guessing as many of us would have almost heard the name, Oscar Ramirez.


Oscar Antonio Ramirez Hernandez. A name which is very common in Football of Costa Rica. Oscar Ramirez was basically a Footballer at the start of his Career. Born on 8th December, 1964, Ramirez used to play as a midfielder for the Costa Rican National Team. But after his playing career ended, he decided to take up Coaching as his profession.

Oscar Ramirez first coached his National Team, as an assistant Coach from 2006-2008. But the journey with his National Team wasn’t to end so quick as he once again got the opportunity to Coach his NT in 2015. Oscar Ramirez soon took charge as the head coach of the Costa Rican National Team and the rest as you say, was history. Oscar led his team to the World Cup Qualification Campaign in 2015. What next, was purely a story of happiness, about a former Costa Rican player, as a Costa Rican Coach, taking Costa Rica through to the Fifa World Cup 2018.

Well, East Bengal fans might be hugely in delight, if this news gets confirmed, because who doesn’t want their club to be Coached by someone who was himself the head Coach of a National Team in World’s biggest stage, the FIFA World Cup. It will be a huge boost to the team if Oscar Ramirez joins them and will be as helpful for the Indian Players, as much to the club. Not only this, but Ramirez coming to East Bengal might be one of the biggest possible signings in terms of Coaches.

With many rumors around another big rumor which is being heard, is about the Kolkata Giants East Bengal Joining ISL. Well the new players signed have already given an indication of something big, but this signing might just get us one step closer to confirming the joining of East Bengal to the Indian Super League. With various Articles and Reports already on Ramirez coming to East Bengal, it can be surely said that everything is set except for the official announcement of this big news.

EAST BENGAL in talks with Costa Rica's World Cup Coach, Oscar Ramirez, according to reports. Oscar Ramirez AP

Well for East Bengal fans, all we can say is that Oscar Ramirez would be a major bonus for the club and might just be a ticket to the Indian Super League 2020-21. Ramirez is no doubt a high profile coach and there will be much to learn for him and from him, in India. At the end, seeing all reports, all we can sat is that Oscar Ramirez is all set to be the next Head Coach of East Bengal, for the Upcoming season.

And with Oscar Ramirez coming to East Bengal, it just remains to be said that their joining in ISL might just be the next big news upcoming, and is just a wait of time. But well, it can be very well said that East Bengal joining ISL is just a question of “when” and not “whether” as of now.

Hope for the man for Costa Rica to have a great time ahead in India, and his probable team, EAST BENGAL FC.

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