Effects of hosting Mega-tournaments like the FIFA WC, in Indian Football


It’s not been long since India hosted the Men’s Under 17 FIFA World Cup, and it’s not long again that we are on the way to host another mega tournament, which is the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup.

We all know how much it means for us to witness such huge tournaments from so near, but at the same time these tournaments also have many other impacts on the footballing scenario in India.

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Just a week ago on the occasion of World Sports Journalists Day, we had the opportunity to talk to few of our expert Journalists and commentators at the top level. And after talking to them and with the opinion of our admins, we eventually concluded a few effects which these major tournaments have, in Indian Football.

The first and foremost point which comes up is the amount of attention which turns into the country’s football scenario when such a major tournament is hosted by the Country. Countries all over the globe come here to participate, and every football fan from all across the globe is probably watching the tournament. It suddenly turns the attention of the entire World to know about India and it’s Football, and if enthusiastic many people would surely also do a vast study on the History and current situation of Indian Football, which in short brings major attention to Indian Football.

Another major impact which this major tournaments have is the development and advancement of Infrastructure, and is probably one of the most important effects these tournaments have. Infrastructure and facilities are the first thing which should be focused on and be made available to a player, in order for development to happen. The better facilities a player gets, the better he or she can perform and develop, and hence improvement on infrastructure gives an edge towards improvement in quality of the players.

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Every time a Nation is given to host such mega tournaments, the first thing authorities focus on is creating better infrastructures and improving or upgrading existing facilities and infrastructures, to provide the International players with top class environment from the hosts. This not only brings a positive impact of us in the eyes of the Football World and other Nations, but also in turn has huge benefits for us.

At the end of the day, the infrastructure is eventually much improved than it used to be, which not only allows us to develop Football as an unit but also helps the individual players to evolve themselves into a better version.

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Another major effect which these mega tournaments have is that it gives everyone a “Purpose”. A purpose to watch the game, a purpose to support teams inside India, a purpose to play, a purpose to take sports as a career, and much more. After seeing the future stars of World Football in front of their eyes, people get some real motivation to uplift their game and also follow the game more. Their attention somehow gets increased towards the game, because now you got purpose. They just witnessed World’s biggest tournaments, with India playing in it and it gives hopes and it gives dreams.

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It makes many people believe that yes, in today’s world, even in India, sports can be opted as a career if someone has talent and passion towards the sport. It gives motivation, belief and also an urge to the young players to focus more on the game and improve themselves to reach the next level. Not only the players but it gives parents a purpose and creates a willingness in them to support their child into the sport, as who knows one day their child might be performing at World’s Biggest stage.

Overall from infrastructure to fame, from attention to motivation, these mega tournaments have major impacts on the Footballing Scenario of the Nation.

The biggest of them of course is that our Nation gets a chance to participate in the tournament which also gives an opportunity to know the difference and if we are may be really not that behind than qualifying straight through to a World Cup, and dominating big Nations in World Football.

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But who knows, someday soon we will. May be very soon. So, hoping for the best and that’s all we have from our side about the impact of hosting such mega tournaments in the Country. There surely are more benefits, but that’s that for now, but you can surely write down your views on the impacts to us and what do you think about the same.

Till then, let’s wait for the U17 Women’s World Cup to arrive, and hope for India to host more and more of such tournaments and soon along with being the hosts also be a Team entering the tournament through the Qualification process as well.

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