Exclusive | Minerva Takesover Delhi Based Delhi Football Club


The past few months have been very exciting for Indian football fans because of the recent occurrences in Indian Football fraternity.

IFTWC has exclusively learned that Minerva is officially taking over the Delhi based Delhi Football Club(DFC).

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Delhi Football Club

Delhi has always been a city which has produced talented Indian players and the best example has got to be Sunil Chhetri. Delhi has experienced some of the best and the most memorable moments of Indian football. It has been a part of the rich history of Durand Cup and has seen many memorable moments of the Indian National Team but now, it is pretty clear after this take over that Delhi football is still yet to see its best days.

Die hard football fan community still exists in Delhi, although less in number, and they will surely get the feelings of fondness and passion again for the beautiful game and for the beautiful club that has been taken over by Minerva. While speaking about the fans Mr. Bajaj also said that the fans will be a very important part of the club and they’ll also be a part of management, which eventually means that the club will be a fan based club.

Delhi Football Fraternity has done ever so well for the growth of Indian football and definitely the fans over there deserve a club that can compete with the best teams in India.

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Delhi Football Club’s Senior Team

“I am elated to be able to give back to Delhi football as it has given so much to Indian football. I want Delhi to have the best possible youth development system and I’m that sure that with proper Minerva way of training we’ll soon be producing quality players from there” said Mr. Bajaj.

Mr. Shahnawaz is the main man behind this great plan, and has been supported completely by the Minerva team.

“I wanted to contribute my bit also to Indian football and having Minerva backing us makes it a win-win situation for DFC and Delhi football” said Mr. Shahnawaz.

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Delhi Football Club

London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam are some of the capital cities of their countries and have big football clubs. While looking at a country’s footballing affairs, people check out the capital city too. And having no top division football club in India’s capital is very disheartening. This new club plans to change that.

Delhi FC would participate in the local league first, and aims at climbing the ladder of Indian football through the I-League second division in the future.

Minerva FC did a fabulous job at nurturing talents, and their achievements at the youth level and the number of national team players from their academy are a testimony to that fact. Thus, we can only expect better days for Delhi FC. Moving forward, age group teams from u-13 to u-18 will be operated as well.

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Minerva FC

It is worth noting that Delhi FC has impressive infrastructure with a full-fledged field too, something which is not readily available in Delhi. The club plans to start camps as early as possible, but due to the pandemic, everything depends on the government regulations.

Surely Indian Football and particularly Delhi Football could be having good days very soon.

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