FC Noida Celebrated Foundation Day, Shares Visions ahead.


It was a day worh remembering for football Delhi as on 7th of October , FC Noida celebrated its first foundation anniversary eversince the club’s inception. The club was founded a  year ago in 2019 . Mr Shantanu , who was doing his MBA in Sports Management way back in 2015 had a vision for a football club from Delhi who would represent the region Delhi in national and international stage. And thus , with the help of few people having the same vision, he was able to establish FC Noida football club . The foundation programme was attended by few notable personalities involving Mr Shaji Prabhakaran who is the President of Football Association of Delhi and international footballers like Gaurav Bora and Aveka Singh.

A few important announcement have been made by Mr Shantanu on the special occasion of the foundation day . FC Noida have now collaborated with Pacific World School who will be now working alongside the club in developing the club. Mr. Shantanu wants  FC Noida to be one of the biggest grassroot structures in Asia . The club will participate in AIFF youth leagues from 2021-2022 season. The club has now collaborated with sports science expert company 69 Fitness Street who will help them to track the fitness of every player.

At a time when most  Indian football clubs getting shut down on financial crisis, it is very good to see a football club from Delhi coming forward to lead the future of Indian football. The efforts of Mr Shantanu, the leading man behind this project is really appreciable. It is now only a matter of time for FC Noida to be a part of the big Indian football Scenario.