Football Supporters from Goa lend their helping hand to frontline workers


One of India’s finest footballing state Goa has been massively hit by the COVID-19 global pandemic. There has been a significant rise in cases as the second wave has already pushed the positive count over 1000 each day.

On the other hand, the Tauktae cyclone has also adversely affected some parts of Goa.

In these difficult times for Goakar’s, the football supporters came together providing free lunch and dinner to homeless and frontline workers. For the same reason, the Facebook group having 24000 members, ‘The Football Dug Out‘ is playing a major role.

Conrad Barreto, the founder of ‘The Football Dug Out’ (TFDO) community spoke to IFTWC about how the food packets are directly reaching out to hands of people.

TFDO is the biggest community in Goa bringing all football fans together of different world teams and their supporter’s club. We are providing lunch and dinner to frontline workers like doctors, policeman, nurses, ambulance drivers and district hospitals.”

Many locals are supporting us very much giving vegetables, fruits and other groceries. Recently, we tied up with Goa Sikh Youth Association for the distribution of meals. They get lot of donations so they have been cooking for nearly 1000 people each day. We’ve provided the raw materials which have been expensive or in shortage like milk cream, paneer and others things for their Langar (Community Kitchen),” said Conrad.

“Restaurants have come forward and told us they will cook for free if we provide the necessary materials. So we trying to tie up with them also,” he added.

Also, a fundraiser has been started on the online crowdfunding platform – Ketto. Including FC Goa president Akshay Tandon, many other ISL players have also donated for the same. (Click here to donate)

From starting itself the response has been very good. A lot of ISL players and also former footballers have contributed,” said Conrad.

Social media has been the hero for all this help which TFDO is receiving and for sure will continue further. The Goa government has imposed curfew where the life-essential items shops are permitted to be kept open till 1 PM, while all other social places where a large number of people may gather together like clubs, bars, theatres and others are strictly closed.

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