Gerard Nus reckons Khassa Camara is the best player in the league; Plan was to score seven goals


A pretty closely contested game between Odisha FC and NorthEast United FC came to an end as both the sides share spoils. Benjamin Lambot and Kwesi Appiah were the two scorers for NorthEast United FC.

On the post-match press conference, here’s what Gerard Nus had to say,

“I feel we deserved the three points. We played really well and created more chances compared to the other games we’ve played. This league is very competitive and every team has great players. We knew about it. I’m disappointed with the result but I can’t tell anything against the commitment and work-rate of my players, they were great.”

Gerard Nus, on why Gallego was substituted despite of his scintillating performance, said

“Gallego was coming back from an injury. He brought a lot to this game. We had planned that we won’t play him much today but we started him because he was bringing a lot into the game. We want him ready for the next game. So, yes.

“Sometimes we’ll have to create chances that are double the number of goals we scored and sometimes we score more than we create chances, that’s how football works. Sometimes you deserve more are get less and sometimes vice versa. But we should look at the positives. We’ve played eight games and have lost only one. We’ll always fight till the last minute in every game and we’ll always look to win three points. We started off the season by beating Mumbai City FC which nobody else did and today we were closely contesting for the three points with a team that has never won a game. So, yes, we should take whatever positives we can get from this game and move on.”

Gerard Nus, on why Khassa Camara didn’t start today,

“We have various options in his positions, we have to try them all. Also, he’s on three yellow cards. Even today and before today, his performances have been outstanding. He’s the best player so far, not only for us but in the league as well. I’m so happy about him and also with the rest of the players.

“Whatever is seen on the pitch is pre-planned and us reacting to the situation. The plan was to score six or seven goals but we scored only two, so congratulations to them, it’s a massive point for them as well.

“Merry Christmas to all”, Gerard Nus signed off.

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