Gokulam Kerala FC add in 5 new faces to their squad.


I-league side Gokulam Kerala FC has been quite active in the transfer market. As always, they have started their season with a few Indian signings.

Let’s have a look at the recent additions to the squad.

AGE :- 28

Gokulam Kerala

The custodian from West Bengal, who was last seen donning the colours of TRAU FC, has signed with the club for the upcoming season on a 2 year deal. The former Pailan Arrows player has been under the bar for clubs like Punjab FC, Delhi Dynamos and Mohammedan S.C. in the past.The 28 year old will definitely be a tough competition to the current first choice keeper, Ubaid C. K.

AGE :- 23

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The young Manipuri forward was signed on a 2 year deal from Neroca FC. Ronald, who started his career with TRAU FC, was also called for the U-19 national camp before. He is a player who has impressed the scouts with his quick pace. He plays both as a forward and as a winger.

AGE :-25

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The experienced midfielder, who is a product of SAT academy, has won the hearts of many teams including Mohun Bagan and Minerva Punjab. GKFC signed the midfielder hailing from Tirur on a 2 year deal. The former Mumbai FC u19 player has played for Delhi United in the second division and has represented Kerala in the Santosh Trophy south zone qualifiers last year. He has also played for DSK Shivajians and PIFA Colaba SC.

AGE:- 22

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The 22 year old winger from SAT academy has shown his skills for Tripura Santosh Trophy team and Tripura league club Ageya Chalo Sangha FC.
He was the top scorer in the Tripura league in 2018-19 season, and was selected as the best player of the league this season. The striker played an instrumental role for Tripura in their Santhosh Trophy qualifiers. He has the quality to build up a game and his dribbling skills are always on point. He never fails to score a crucial goal when the team needs it the most.


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Muhammed Asif is another local favourite player who has played for SAT Tirur last year after representing the Kolkata league side Southern Samity. The sturdy centre back has played for Nepali clubs Chyasal Youth and Manang Marsyangdi in their first division and the AFC Cup matches. He has represented teams like ONGC, Air India and Kolkata customs. Gokulam signed Asif on a 2 year deal.

The club is also in talks with few other local talents, with I-league experience and in the coming weeks, we hope that they will announce their new coach officially too.

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