Himanshu Jangra – “It’s My Dream To Play In Europe One Day!”


Young talented players are always exciting because of the skills they possess. They also put so much of hard work and dedication for their country and respective clubs, which makes them even more interesting. Some of them can be consistent throughout their career and some of them will need time to adjust themselves into the situation.

This young player is considered a young sports icon right now in the country who can only do good for the nation in the coming years. Yes, we are talking about none other than the man himself, Himanshu Jangra. Himanshu is a product of Minerva Punjab Academy which has produced multitudinous young talents over the years.

Himanshu has represented India under 16 in the SAFF Under 16 Championship, where he managed to add 7 goals to his name which includes 2 staggering hat-tricks and was able to win the Golden Boot beacause of his quality performances.

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Himanshu Jangra

We recently got the opportunity to interview Himanshu to know more about him and it was a a pleasure for us to do it.

Here is what the man himself has to say:

Q. How did you start you football career? Take us through that journey.

My brother supported me and took me for trials at the Dalbir Academy. But, unfortunately I was rejected there. After that I stopped playing football and started practicing fencing as I thought indulging into sports which can be played individually then,it would be great. After a while, I again started playing football on weekends with my friends and then I decided to give trails at Minerva Punjab Academy where I finally got selected. That’s how my journey started.

Q. What’s the impact of Ranjit Bajaj on your career so far?

He’s actually the main man behind all my success today. I’ve always considered him as my mentor. He always had faith in me and gave me opportunities when I was struggling a lot through thick and thin.

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Q. People have huge expectations from you at such a young age so how do you deal with that?

My ultimate focus has always been on football. I know people expect a lot from me at such a young age and that’s because they can see the real potential in me and that ulimately drives me to do better.

Q. Tell us about you experience of playing in the I-League at such a young age.

Honestly it was a experience of lifetime. But once I started playing I couldn’t feel the difference in age, at that time it was all about football. I would also like to thank my seniors for their continuous support as well.

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Q. What are your thoughts on the group India has got in the Under 16 Championship. Do you think we can qualify for the Under 17 World Cup this time?

Yes, each and every team in the championship is going there to play beautiful football and win matches for sure and obviously we’ve the same motive as well. We have our confidence on our team and representing India is obviously an extra motivation for all the boys.

Q. What do you think about coach Bibiano Fernandes? What do you like about him the most?

He’s one of a kind. Bibiano sir has helped me a lot. He has studied my game really well and has really changed my game style. I’m really very thankful to him for whatever he has done.

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Himashu Jangra with Bibiano Fernandes

Q. What are you thought about playing in Europe? Would you like to play somewhere in abroad one day? If yes, then when do you think it’s the correct time for you to go there?

I’ve heard a lot about players who are playing in abroad now. What I want to learn is the basic difference between us and them. Obviously, it’s my dream to play in Europe one day and I’ll be working hard to achieve that in next one or two years.

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Q. Take us through your daily routine during the pandemic and how have you been staying in shape.

I practice two times a day with Surinder Singh sir, Harpeet Bedi sir, Sudhir Saini sir. Even Sandesh Jhingan and Anwar Ali sir are helping me to improve.

Q. Who’s your idol in football? Whom do you look upto as an inspiration?

I idolise my elder brother, Mandeep Jangra. I started playing football because of him only and I want to thank him for whatever he has done for me.

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Q. Which team do you think will be the toughest to face at the AFC Championship?

According to me all the teams are same. The team will more focus and discipline will on the positive side.

Q. According to you who’s the best player in your batch?

Each and every one has some great qualities to be very honest. All of them are very focused and hard-working. We all are competitors here and, that the reason behind our success.

The whole IFTWC team would like to wish Himanshu Jangra all the very best for his future and we hope he makes everyone of us proud by doing ever so well for the nation in the AFC Under 16 Championship.

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