How Changing Coaches Frequently Affected Kerala Blasters

How Changing Coaches Frequently Affected Kerala Blasters

Consistency is something that is very important in all parts of life. So is the importance of consistency in the game of Football. Having a coach for more than a season brings you results. The coach starts to know the players better and the players also start adapting to his style of play. Even if a manager fails to perform in his first season there are chances of getting better results in the next seasons.

However, for the ISL side Kerala blasters the scenario was different. The club kept changing coaches every season since its inception in 2014. Even after achieving the runners up position in the 2014 and 2016 season, the club changed its coaches. Thus, the club was unable to perform up to the expectations. The recent seasons have been a sort of nightmare for the club and the fans who support the team through every thick and thin.

Impact On Results

Since the start of ISL, the club has had 8 managerial changes. For the upcoming 2020-21 season Kibu Vicuna will be their 9th manager to take charge of the club. After finishing runners up in the 2014 season under David James the club brought Peter Taylor for the 2015 season. However, after a string of bad performances, the club sacked him in the midseason. Their assistant manager Trevor Morgan managed the team for 1 match. The club then appointed Terry Phelan for the rest of the season. But, even he could not improve the results and the club finished in the last position. However, after again bringing a new manager in Steve Coppell for the 2016 season the results improved. Thus, the club finished as the runners up that season. For the 2017 season, the club again changed their manager. They appointed Rene Meulensteen as the manager and they failed to qualify for the semi-finals.

In the following 2018 and 2019 seasons, the club again changed managers. This resulted in the club finishing on the 9th and 7th positions respectively. For the 2018 season the club had appointed David James as their manager. However, after winning only 1 match in their first 12 fixtures the club sacked him. Then the club brought Nelo Vingada on board but the results did not improve. This led the fans to boycott the stadium and raise their voice against this inconsistent behavior of the club.

The 2019-20 season

How Changing Coaches Frequently Affected Kerala Blasters Eelco Schattorie Twitter 571 855
Eelco Schattorie: KBFC manager 2019-20 Season

The 2019 season though was a bit different for the club. The club wasn’t winning the matches, much of it due to injuries that kept happening throughout the season. Sandesh Jhingan, the backbone of Kerala defense was already out of the whole season due to an ACL injury. However, the club was still playing attractive football under Eelco Schattorie. Many Indian players left their mark for the Blasters. The fans backed Eelco to continue beyond the 2019 season. But, the club has again brought in a new manager for the 2020-21 season.


Having a coach for a longer term is beneficial both for the club and the players. This helps in getting better results. With the change in management and a new sports director in the club, the fans will be hoping for betterment. They will be wishing for Kibu Vicuna to bring smiles on their faces by producing better results. They will also be hoping that Kibu stays beyond the 2020 season. He has already proved himself on the Indian soil and can surely be the manager they need for years to come.

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