How the Indian women’s football team is fighting for their fair share of attention


Football is considered to be the most popular and beautiful game in the world, and there are many teams that have enticed people from all over the world with their beautiful style of play and amazing setup. But not every country is doing well in it, even though they want to evolve and become a powerful football playing nation.

Earlier, when we used to talk about football, the Indian men’s national football team was not a topic of interest and wouldn’t find its way in conversations easily. In this case, the women’s team was hardly discussed about. However, the latter part is well on its way to prominence and fame.

A lot of things have changed in Indian women’s football now. An impactful women’s football tournament, The Indian Women’s League(IWL), with 12 competitive teams has surely changed the whole scenario. Regular friendlies for the national team against some tough teams have given them the girls a good amount of exposure and slowly but steadily the women’s national team is becoming a resilient team to play against.

They have proved that they deserve more appreciation from every Indian football fan out there, more than what they are getting now. They have proved themselves in the recent edition of women’s SAFF Cup where they trashed all the oppositions with ease and lifted the cup for the fifth consecutive time.

The likes of Bala Devi and Tanvie Hans are making a lot of noise, in a positive way. While Hans has been a mentor and inspiration for the young girls with the kind of experience she has, Bala Devi has made every Indian proud after she was signed by Scottish giants Rangers. These ladies are the current set of players young girls might be looking up too, and we hope there are many more like them in the near future.

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There are many young, aspiring and hardworking girls in the country who are stepping up and stealing the show. India is also set to host the mighty FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup which will create history and will also encourage more and more young girls to step up and take football as a career. A change leads to success and all this change happening around will be surely beneficial for the Indian women’s football fraternity. The young Indian girls will be recognized as blue tigress very soon on international level as well.