Hyderabad FC vs Jamshedpur FC player ratings as the youngster Mohd. Yasir shines amongst all

Hyderabad FC

Check how much we rated the players in today’s cracking ISL fixture between Hyderabad FC and Jamshedpur FC

A cracker of competition with the immense drama between both sides. One goal apiece, a disallowed goal, frustrated players, and so on.

Santana’s ricochet tap into the net, Eze’s equalizer, and the young prodigy Mohammed Yasir’s scintillating outing, all summed up to a great match between both the sides.

Now let’s have a look at the player ratings for the match –

Hyderabad FC

Laxmikant Kattimani (5.5) – Kattimani was not as effective as he could have been considering the amount of calibre the player possesses.

Ashish Rai (7.5) – The right-back was clinical in the right flank of Hyderabad FC, failed to provide in crosses but did the job to a good extent, well enough.

Odei Onaindia (8) – The foreign centre-back has had an amazing start to the season with clinical and consistent performances in all the outings.

Chinglensana Singh (7.5) – Had a good outing for the Indian centre-back who was the Hero of the Match in their previous outing. The player held the line and has done justice to his role.

Akash Mishra (7.5) – The Indian left-back has had a great start to this campaign of the ISL and has kept up with his performances from all the previous outings.

João Victor (7.5) – With the absence of two of the key players, Chianese and Sastre, the former La Liga player has been a formidable presence in the heart of Hyderabad FC’s midfield.

Hitesh Sharma (7.5) – The Indian midfielder had a good outing today, filling in the shoes of Sastre’s. He was a good much needed support for them in today’s match.

Liston Colaco (7.5) – The Indian attacking player had impressed the audience with all of his outings with 2 goals in last 4 matches for Hyderabad FC and his presence in the field today was not something to be undermined.

Mohd. Yasir (8) – The Hero of the Match, an outstanding and scintillating performance from the attacking midfielder helped Hyderabad FC stay intact tonight.

Hali Narzary (7.5) – The Indian international has once again proved to be a formidable winger for Hyderabad FC and had an impressive outing tonight.

Arindane Santana (8) – The Spanish forward has been clinical this season with all of Hyderabad FC’s goals this season to his name, and he was nothing less tonight having bagged a goal for them.


Adil Khan – 6.5
Halder – unrated
Nikhil Poojari – 7

Jamshedpur FC

Pawan Kumar (6) – Pawan Kumar has not been able to replace Rehenesh wholly between the two bars. The player had an average outing tonight.

L. Renthlei (7.5) – The left-back had a decent outing tonight, but couldn’t produce much out it.

S. Eze (8) – Eze had a brilliant outing tonight as he scored the scintillating equaliser for Jamshedpur FC. Bagged a yellow card for some rash challenges.

Peter Hartley (7) – The player looked frustrated tonight as they were not able to convert much and also conceded a goal due to poor marking. But individually, he had an above average outing tonight.

Ricky Lallawmawma (7) – The Indian right-back partly contributed in adding flair in the right flank of Jamshedpur FC.

Mobashir Rahman (6.5) – The Indian midfielder had an outing which was not upto the level because he couldn’t give the much needed support to the fullest to Aitor Monroy.

Aitor Monroy (7) – The Spaniard had an average outing tonight as he was assigned with the most important role in the heart of Jamshedpur FC’s but couldn’t produce much out of it considering what was needed tonight to turn the tables.

Amarjit Singh (7) – The Indian international was out for the last season due to a fractured arm and to his return, he managed to bring out an above average performance from his side tonight.

Jackichand Singh (7.5) – The Indian international gave his all in his flank and had a pretty good outing tonight.

Valskis (6.5) – The Lithuanian ISL Golden Boot winner didn’t have the best of his outings tonight. He was deprived of time and space by the Hyderabad FC defence.

Alex Lima (6) – The Brazilian attacking-midfielder hasn’t lived upto his hype yet, the player haven’t caught his break in the ISL yet. The player is underperformed in all of his matches till now, but hopefully he’ll get adjusted to the situations soon enough.


Aniket Jadhav – 6.5
Isaac – 6.5
Lalnunfela – 6.5

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