What’s the buzz?

After the much speculated meeting with AIFF President Mr. Praful Patel, the representatives from I league clubs viz Quess East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, Churchill Brothers, Aizawl FC, Gokulam Kerala FC and Minerva Punjab FC unitedly send a reply to him. The reply described the stand of I league clubs and their demands regarding the development of Indian football.

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The Grave Details

I league clubs thanked Mr.Praful Patel for taking his time out to meet their representatives and responding to their issues. On July 3, both Praful Patel and I league club representatives met on Lalit Hotel to discuss the issues related to Indian football and a unified league structure. I league clubs cited some important demands in their reply letter. These are mentioned below

  1. I league committee shall negoatiate and and finalize the production house. 50% of the total cost of production to be borne by FSDL with the remaining 50% to be paid by AIFF.
  2. I League needs to be recognized as the National Football League of India.
  3. All I league matches should be streamed in HD Channels and minimum 8 camera set up is mandatory to telecast live matches.
  4. I league matched needs to be played in 5pm or 7pm.(the time is set to 2pm or 3pm for stadiums without floodlights)
  5. I league clubs will not give away their AFC Champions League spot in exchange of AFC Cup spot.
  6. A proper working group to be formed with the representatives of AIFF, FSDL, I League clubs and ISL clubs who would work to develope a proper framework for unified league.
  7. A I league Committee needs to be formed that will regulate all the issues related to I league matches.
  8. I league clubs urges for the development of a unified league because this will guarantee a minimum of 40-45 matches a year for top Indian player. In the present scenario a top level Indian player plays only 20-25 matches a year.
  9. A tri-partied agreement clearly outlining the way foreward must be signed by AIFF, FSDL and I league clubs for the upcoming three years.
  10. The furure roadmap of Indian football needs to be approved by AIFF Executive council.
  11. AIFF should highlight the crucial decision clearly in front of FSDL and all the stakeholders of Indian football clubs

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What’s next?

After going through the above mentioned demands of I league clubs it seems that a proper unified league structure may not get developed immediately. AIFF’s executive council will meet on July 9 to discuss all the issues and finalize a proper action plan for the upcoming three years. Whether I league will get a AFC Champions League spot or had to be satisfied with AFC Cup quota is a question still needs to be answered and AIFF’s Executive council will do just that when they next meet again.