Iain Hume: In the next 5-10 years you will probably see a good few Indian players playing in Europe


Iain Hume and Rohan Ricketts were present in a talk show hosted by OneSoccer where Hume talked about his nationality and also discussed his time in Indian football describing the “madness” of Indian football.

From England to India then Spain and back to India, a career spanning over 21 years Iain Hume, a very good player of his time has now moved back to his country i.e. Canada.

Hume was asked about his nationality with him being born in Scotland and having spent most of his time in England. He was asked whether he feels he is a Canadian or is he English to which Hume told:

I have always been Canadian. I was born in Scotland, even though I have spent most of my life in England I am Canadian. And that I think I always prove that whenever I put the shirt on and like you said even when anywhere in the world I have been, where are you from. I am a Canadian. That’s all I have been and that’s all I feel.

With his latest stint being in Indian before retiring and him becoming a fan favorite of Kerala Blasters, he was asked to describe the football culture in India. Hume described it as a complete “Madness”. Whenever everyone thinks about India they think about cricket. But you have been to the wrong places. You go to the southern states or you go to the coastal states like Goa, Kerala, or go around Kolkata on the east coast, they are insane.

People don’t quite understand and I was explaining to you before. I think it’s the second oldest rivalry in world football with the Kolkata derby, Mohammedan, East Bengal. They get 100-200 thousand every game packed and people don’t know about it.

Indian players going abroad have been a talk for a long time now. With the fans wanting players to join leagues abroad and improve their skills and playing style. Hume was asked that you need a breakthrough player to perhaps move from India to a big European league or even MLS to really get at the next step. What is it about Indian players going abroad? Hume was in complete agreement with the point and told that they(India) have got one of the most unknown world power in a single-player, Sunil Chhetri. People don’t know about this. He is the active international third highest goal scorer in the world. He has scored 75-80 goals for India and people don’t know about him.

Sunil tried to come over(to foreign leagues) but like you said they have one player, a goalkeeper who played in the Europa League. It was huge in India and he played for Stabaek in Norway. They(India) have got a couple of young gems who I think, having played and worked with them I think they got the opportunity. But in the future, especially after hosting the U-17 world cup, a few people are getting noticed and they are realizing that this is another champ. I think they get the clubs from Europe, from around the world coming in to watch them and getting involved in partnerships. In the next 5-10 years, you will probably see a good few Indian players playing in Europe.

Rohan Ricketts, another player to have played in Indian football for Dempo Sc asked Hume about the playing style in India. Although in India we have well talented and technically sound players there is something about tactics that people talk about. With Ricketts also having played in England and other leagues including India as a CM he knows how important tactics are and how important it is to make good and early decisions on the pitch. With Indian players not that quick he asked Hume about the style and how did it affect his game?

Hume was in full praise of the style and told that it’s got better. Honestly from the first ISL that I went out there to now, it’s a million miles apart. This is because they have brought in the foreign coaches who are mostly Spanish, English and, German. They have brought in coaches who are going to change the style of play out there. The only thing they were lacking out there is the tactics side of thing. Physically they are as good as anybody, technically as good as anybody. Tactically they struggle a bit. – Hume concluded

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