If you are a Soosairaj fan, you will pray that Eelco Schattorie becomes India’s coach.

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Micheal Soosairaj has been one of the best Indian Footballer since last season. While he was best I League midfielder last season for Chennai City FC, he is arguably best Indian Left Winger this season for Jamshedpur FC. However, despite his constant performance and magic on the field. He was never called up for the National Camp.

When he was ignored by Constantine in Asian Cup, many Indian Football fans showed their displeasure on social media.

Now, as Constantine is no more Indian Head Coach and AIFF has still not appointed a new one. The fans of Soosairaj can only hope that next Indian Coach sees the talent of the Tamil Winger and draft him straight into the starting eleven.

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If this is the case, all the fans of Soosairaj should pray that North East United Manager Eelco Schattorie becomes the head coach of India because Eelco has been all praise for Soosairaj.

In his tweet on 27 February after Soosairaj’s magic performance against BFC, the NEUFC coach has hailed Soosairaj as top and attractive winger. He expressed that it’s an enjoyment to see Soosairaj.

If you are a Soosairaj fan, you will pray that Eelco Schattorie becomes India's coach. screenshot 20190305 02010828400673303964069892.

If you are a Soosairaj fan, you will pray that Eelco Schattorie becomes India's coach. screenshot 20190305 02012925639031986479977662.

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Thus we can say the Eelco has his right eyes on Soosairaj’s talent and it’s safe to assume that Soosairaj will definitely be in the National team if Eelco becomes Indian Head Coach.

Do you think Eelco can become a good candidate for headcoach of Indian Football team ? Let us know on the comments section.

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