Igor Stimac’s Analysis on Current Indian Football Scenario


Igor Stimac held a live interactive session on Zoom. He mentioned many points about development of Indian Football in the webinar. Igor mentioned the concerns and how we can more forward.

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Igor Spoke about the duration of our Indian football leagues which lasts for only 4-5 months. He also went on to say that Many Asian Countries have 10 months League. Any player in ISL can’t play more than 21 games in a season. Igor mentioned these facts and said the number should be at least 30.

It came as a surprise but Igor said Indian Football League doesn’t have quality foreign players. Although since the last few seasons, we have seen many quality players make their name in Indian Football. Players like Coro, Mendoza, Miku, Roy Krishna etc. have been ruthless in front of goal. On the other hand, Mourtada Fall, Tiri, Goian etc. have led their defense. Midfielders like Ahmed Jahouh and Hugo Boumous definitely have had some influence on the Indian midfielders in their club.

Players start thier development from a young age, Igors next point was mentioning the problem that young Indian players face. Lack of foreign academy coaches is a area of concern as mentioned by Igor stimac. It’s difficult for Indian academics to afford and accommodate foreign coaches. But doing that will definitely make our players learn more and gain better experience.

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According to Igor, We lack in academic development. We need better infrastructure, coaches and training for our players to grow at tendor age.

India is one of the biggest country in the world in terms of area as well as population. Definitely there’s no shortage of talents. As per Igor, we aren’t scouting properly and miss out on talents from various regions. We need to have a proper scouting network to have a better pool of players.

Our players always faced the problem of lack of game time. Lack of Competitions is another point Igor mentioned during the webinar. We definitely need more competitions like Kings Cup and Intercontinental Cup for our players to get ready for the major tournaments like World Cup Qualifiers and Asia Cup.

We have seen many Indian Origin players making their name in Europe. Players like Luther Singh, Dilan Markandey, Yan Dhanda, Danny Bath are some of those top Indian origin Players. But because of strict rules about dual citizenship in the country, such players never got the opportunity to play for tricolor of India. Igor mentioned about it as well. According to him, this needs to be sorted and we should have the PIO players in the National Team.

It was great webinar as Igor Stimac covered many points related to Indian Football. Igor was spot on with the concerns and plans. It will be interesting to see how things pan out after the lockdown when life is normal.