In Conversation with Aizawl FC’s Argentine Mideo Matias Veron.

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The Argentine midfielder Matias Veron is Aizawl FC player. He joined the club at the beginning of this year and appeared for the club 8 times with 1 goal so far.His passing is gentle unlike other players who play in his position. He used to play for clubs like Tiro Federal de Morteros, Libertad, Club Juventud Unida Rio Cuarto. Here is our exclusive interview with him.

Interviewer – First of all,thank you for your time.

To start our interview ,can you tell me who your favorite footballer is and what you learn from him??

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Veron – Henry. His ball pass and tranquility is great(I do not forget Messi and Maradona).

Interviewer – What is your favorite football club?

Veron – River Plate Argentina Me and my brothers are a fan.

Interviewer – What made you play football?

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Veron – When I was young, my parents used to take me to the football ground. Since then I can’t imagine anything else.

Interviewer – Apart from football, what is your favorite sports??

Veron – I like all sports in general, swimming for example.

Interviewer – How do you keep calm under pressure??

Veron – Always be serene. It helps me a lot to play under pressure.

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Interviewer – What do you carry in your fanny pack in match days??

Veron – The mate(traditional drink in Argentina), my things to shower and a chain of luck.

Interviewer – Which Indian Club apart from Aizawl FC you dream of playing for?

Veron – No clubs in particular. I work day by day to be able to play in the most important team.

Interviewer – Who is your favorite either in your team or in any other team? Why?

Veron – I like all my colleagues. Each one has a different potential.

Interviewer – Who is the most underrated player you have ever played with or against?Why?

Veron – I never look at my rivals instead I always try to stay focus on my work.

Interviewer – If not football, then what?

Veron – It will always be football. I see myself ending life together with this sport, maybe when my coaching career ends.

Interviewer – One football moment you can never forget?

Veron – My first training with the I Division of my country, Argentina.

Interviewer – How do you guys motivate each other in halftime if you are behind in scoreline?

Veron – We try our best to correct our mistakes and always support each one of us.

Interviewer – What are the 3 goals you have for football in upcoming season?

Veron – In the next game hopefully I can do it. Since I played a little late than the other players, I don’t have much time to show my potential.

Interviewer – Which Aizawl FC player is your most trusted friend and confidant?

Veron – Kanoute, Joseph and Morgan. I live with them.

Interviewer – Best Coach or Manager you have worked with?

Veron – I am very happy with the coach and manager. Besides being good professional, they are good people, that for me is fundamental.

Interviewer – What has proved to be an important stepping stone in your career?

Veron – My passage through Paraguay helped me a lot. I still feel that all my potential is not exploited and I hope India is one of them.

Interviewer – How do you struggle your childhood??

Veron – In my childhood days, my parents are always with me and helped me overcome hardships. In fact, I miss them.

Interviewer – Would you consider your career a success if you do not win I-league or ISL?

Veron – My goal is to stay for a long time in India , win a lot of things, if I can both competitions.

Interviewer – Lastly any advice for youth players who are about to become a professional footballer?

Veron – My advice to young people is to always fight for your dreams. There will always be obstacles but that is part of life. He who really wants something fights for it and can go very far.

Interviewer – As your contract with the club ends this season, we wish you luck in the future.

Veron – Thank you.

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