India gets invitation to play in King’s Cup!!


India gets invitation to play in King's Cup!!

Photo during King’s Cup 2018.

Another great news for all the football fans from India. India gets the invitation to play in King’s Cup 2019.

King’s cup is direct knockout tournament. It takes place in Thailand organized by Football Association of Thailand. The host, Thailand, is a participant in every edition. The tournament was founded in 1968, and has been held every year since then, with the exception of 1983, 1985, 2008, 2011 and 2014. In some years, the competition has featured club or invitational teams as well as international sides.

Thailand have won the cup 15 times. In 2018, Slovakia won thier second Kings Cup. Teams like FC Berlin, Romania, Brazil u20, Denmark League 11, Denmark, Poland, Swedon, Finland, Slovakia, Gabon, North Korea, Japan,UAE etc. have participated in the tournament previously.

This year, along with India and hosts Thailand, China and Vietnam also got the invitation. But Vietnam might opt out due to prior commitments. The organisers are hoping to attract one team from Europe. The King’s Cup is likely to be played in June/July.

“We are planning to have few matches for the new coach before World Cup qualifiers ( in September ). The King’s Cup is a very good tournament and will provide the new coach with a fair assessment of the team” said AIFF’s National team director, Abhishek Yadav.