Interview With former U-16 Women’s Football National Team Player and Sports Psychologist, Kunashni Parikh

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7) How can people who want to improve their psychological side of life be a part of your workshop?

It is very easy to join. Whenever the workshop comes around I send across a link. Then you have to just fill the form and pay the fees which can be anywhere ranging from ₹100 to ₹200 and it varies from workshop to workshop. Once the form is filled and the payment is done, you get a zoom link along with any sort of instructions that you need to prepare for the session. The form that you fill has all your basic details that help me to tailor the workshop according to your needs. I pick up the examples and techniques according to the sport these players are playing.

8) What would be your advice to the footballers and sportspersons who lose their motivation and as a result experience a decline in their performances?

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This depends from player to player. Everybody has a different reason as to why their motivation is dropping. Two huge factors are injury and failure/loss. During the injury, you feel like you are unable to perform the way you have been performing previously. The second reason is failure, where you feel you have lost your skill, your gameplay and you can’t get back. So the problem with players who lose their motivations is one their self-doubt and living in the past. They are living in a version of themselves that happened earlier and they are not able to move forward. So one way to get your motivation back is focusing on the present and learning from your mistake. Secondly, having a vision for the future that motivates you to do better.

9) What advice would you like to give to upcoming budding Footballers and other sportspersons? How do they achieve a high level of performance and get a chance to represent their nation in their respective fields?

One thing I would like to tell each and every upcoming sportsperson is that every chance that you get for learning, go and grab that chance. Whether its talking to a psychologist, a coach or maybe a nutritionist just make sure you get all the information which is out there. Be hungry for that knowledge until you feel you have learned everything. But, you can never say that you have learned everything as there is so much to learn and know about. So this is my advice to the players who want to make it to the top. Be smart and take in all that is out there as there are unlimited resources. It’s just depends on how much you want to go out there and get it.

I would also like to talk about a technique players can use to start their mental training journey:

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For footballers, it is very important to practice visualization. It is a technique used by professional footballers to make sure that they are always able to perform their best without getting nervous or under-confident. To practice visualization, you need to make sure you know the technique on how to do it. People get confused and they mix it up, they start dreaming or they start thinking about other things or think about negative things. So it’s very important to get this technique right. So one technique that you have to apply and master to excel in your sport is to master this technique of visualization. Practice it regularly and then you can feel the results. If you need help you can reach me at Kunashni_psychologist.

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