ISL proved to be a “Day Dream” again, for The Legacy Clubs

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Mohun -East will play I League in the current season.

One Country/One League–No , This is not happening.And to be specific, The two Legacy Club’s dream of playing in ISL is literally destroyed

To add into this Note, not only this year But also there is no chance to integrate ISL and I league in the upcoming 5 Years. There was a big Buzz for three I League Playing teams to join ISL in the coming season. Quess East Bengal was ahead of all talks . Mohunbagan intended though but as the Rule Follows”No Investor- No Money” they had to withdraw from their position

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Quess Management are the new Boss of the Red and Gold now!!

East Bengal was up for ISL but ISL (FSDL) was completely unhappy with the meeting they had with the Quess Officials and that is he reason , Its Curtains Down for the 1920 Club as stated by some sources in AIFF.

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All that Glitters can be regarded as ISL

Now at the present moment , As East Bengal is out of the ISL race, Current Year Bidding Process for ISL has not opened yet.There is no Guarantee that the window will open or Not!! The Franchisees of ISL has a 10-YEAR deal with IMG- Reliance so the only change we can expect is after Five Long Years.Then again the question arises, Is there NO possibility of Integration of the TWO leagues ? No, as the AIFF bosses claims , there is No chance until and unless any exception happens

Every Eye is on AIFF President Mr Praful Patel. But that gentleman is so busy in managing current Lok-Sabha Elections, That he cant even keep his promise which he did sitting in Kualalumpur, of meeting the Rebel Clubs of I League. That due Date is already Over. He is the man with Golden Arm, if he makes some different decisions. Bid will not open for this year as already stated by ISL committee

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Currently The Official League of INDIA

Now there is a question in every Football Lover Indian. Which will be our National League for the next Five Years? ISL or I-League. If ISL brings Relegation measures in their League structure then no doubt wit the help of AIFF+ FSDL ,Asian Football Con federation will declare ISL as the national League of India .

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The Apex Body of Indian Football (with support from IMG- Reliance)

Now , news are coming from the office of FSDL , that a committee is already working on the Relegation process of ISL. Some sources often stated, that There will be a 2nd Division Indian Super League so as to accommodate the Relegated teams of ISL premiere Division. More Surprisingly ISL reserve Teams will be playing in this 2nd Tier ISL

As as Conclusion, we can say ,If It happens Only Football God can save I -League teams from being more and more neglected . Running a club is very difficult in India ,where Shutting down of Big clubs due to financial deficit is not at all a special thing . AIFF has been least bothered about Football miseries and problems .Now Indian Club football is in more danger than ever before.