It will be the toughest game of the league, says Khalid Jamil


Heading on to the semi -finale, the highlanders’ gaffer Khalid Jamil and assistant coach Alison Kharsyntiew addressed the media in an online press conference ahead of the super clash against the Kolkata giants ATK Mohun Bagan this Saturday. Here’s what both the coaches had to say!

Khalid Jamil spoke about the big clash against ATK Mohun Bagan.

“We are going to play against a good team tomorrow. They are a good side strong in both attacking and defending. We have to be very careful because the first match is very important.”The coach said that the team must think positively and not take the opponents lightly at all.

Northeast United will be playing their second semi-finals in 7 years in the Indian Super League and the stakes are really high, and the game against Mariners will make them one step closer to the dream if all goes well.

“It is a very serious game and it would be a difficult game. We have to fight for everything.”He added

“It will be the toughest game of the league. We have to prepare mentally, we have to be strong during the game also. We have to focus the 90 minutes.”

Khalid Jamil talked about the mood inside the dressing room.

“Everybody knows the seriousness of this match, it’s the semi-final. We are going to play two matches. Before that, we are thinking about tomorrow’s game and are serious about it.”

Assistant coach Alison Kharsyntiew gave an update about Provat Lakhra, who suffered an injury and is in the recovery phase.

“He is resting at the movement. The medical team has been working very hard for his treatment. Hopefully, he will get back to the field as soon as possible. “

Gaffer Khalid Jamil gives the credit to his boys for their hard work which rewarded them a semi-final spot.

“Talking about coming to the semi-finals, the credit goes to all the players. They’ve all worked hard and it’s because of them we reached the semi-finals. There is no doubt.”

On being asked about his coaching philosophy, the gaffer said

“I just told them to play their natural game, just play with confidence. If you do mistakes no problem. Try again, but don’t give up. This is small information and it’s all about the players. They have done everything and I’m very proud to be their coach.”

Khalid shared his thoughts on ISL and I-League and their differences.

“ISL have quality coaches and players. Looking at this year, there were a lot of competitions and it was very tough. Looking at the I-League, there is no difference but looking at the ISL, the standard is higher and we enjoy it. Looking at the organization, they’ve done good work, especially this year. So there is a difference but ultimately, football is the same.”

Alison Kharsyntiew shared his thoughts on living in the bio- bubble.

“I think as time goes by, we become adapted to the situations. It’s hard to be in a bubble, but we took it in a positive way. The players are responsible for taking care of themselves and sometimes as a club, we organize team activities just for them to engage. Everyone is doing a good job.”

Khalid Jamil shed some light on his thoughts about Indian coaches in the ISL.

“Indian coaches, if they get chances, they can do well, that is definitely there. Depending on the management, if they want foreign coaches or Indian coaches. Indian coaches are also capable and we have good foreign coaches as well.”