Jamal Bhuyan- If I play Indian Super league, it will be huge for Bangladeshi Football

IFTWC recently had an exclusive chat with the national team captain of Bangladesh Jamal Bhuyan

A Youth Product of Brondby and later of FC Copenhagen, Jamal Bhuyan was a promising youngster making a name for himself in Denmark. But he grew up in an unpleasant neighborhood. He became an innocent victim by getting shot 4 times, crushing his ambitions of breaking into the 13-time Danish champions FC Copenhagen‘s senior squad. Here’s what he had to say about that life changing incident.

“I am born and raised in Denmark. I really love Denmark. I think in every country there are always some people who have less love and heart, That’s Life! I got shot 4 times, I was on my way home from school. This incident happened when I was 17 years old, that time I was playing for FC Copenhagen. They helped me a lot by putting me into a private school among other things. They knew I came from a difficult place”.

Jamal Bhuyan
Jamal Bhuyan Playing For FC Copenhagen

In 2013, Jamal Bhuyan Became the first non-resident player to represent the Bangladesh National team. His debut was against Nepal in the 2013 SAFF Championships. Jamal returned to Bangladesh because of the love and respect he has for his roots. He also played alongside globally renowned footballers like Nicklas Bendtner and Thomas Delaney and being a youth product of Danish juggernaut FC Copenhagen. Jamal had the option to play out his entire career in the Scandinavian country, but he rejoiced the opportunity to don the national colors of Bangladesh. When asked the reason behind choosing Bangladesh Jamal replied-

“I chose Bangladesh because my parents always tell me to never forget where I am from. So, I always had in my mind that one day I wanted to represent Bangladesh. A few of my teammates are now playing for some of the biggest clubs in Europe, but I don’t regret anything that has happened in my career”.

Jamal started his Domestic career in Asia by signing for Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi club in 2014/15 season and helped them secure the league title in his debut season. After two seasons with the Dhanmondi based outfit, he signed for Saif Sporting. With 44 caps for the national team, Bhuyan has become Bangladesh’s cornerstone. His ability to dictate play and his competitive nature makes him a valuable asset for Bangladesh and a household name amongst the fans. Bhuyan shared his experience of playing in Asia and explained the difference he felt comparing with Europe.

“The main difference when I came to Asia and started to play was that the tempo and tactical aspect was lower here compared to Europe”.

Jamal Bhuyan- If I play Indian Super league, it will be huge for Bangladeshi Football images 13
Jamal Bhuyan never forgot his roots.

“On the field I always want to give more than 100% because I know people are watching me. I am very competitive and I’ll do anything to win. If I notice teammates lacking focus in a game or in practice, I feel like it’s my responsibility to guide them”. Jamal revealed why he was given the captian’s armband.

Jamal Bhuyan has been closely monitoring the Indian Super League, and has expressed his interest to play in the fast emerging league. As the ISL made the Asian quota mandatory, it is an added advantage for a player like him. After impressing against India in the World Cup qualifiers, Jamal Bhuyan is likely to be in the good books of the Indian Super League clubs. If he manages to secure a deal in India, the 30 year old midfielder will become the second Bangladeshi ever to sign for an Indian Super League club. The Danish born Bangladeshi midfielder not only contributes on the field but off the field as well.

“I have been following the ISL. One of my good friends David Williams, who I played with in Denmark plays for ATK Mohun Bagan and we have spoke about it. I have been to India a couple of times and I really loved it and people are so friendly. The ISL teams are all very well organized. I think if I play in the Indian Super League it will be huge for Bangladesh football. The team I sign with in India will probably get millions of new fans and TV stations because they will do anything to follow me in India. I may also attract sponsors for the club I sign with because as the Bangladeshi captain there will be a lot of curiosity. I hope I can sign with an Indian club soon. If I join, my goal will be to win the Indian Super League title”.

Jamal Bhuyan had a message for all the fans in India-

IFTWC would like to wish Bangladesh’s captain Jamal Bhuyan all the best for his future.

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