Javi Siverio – I want to play football in front of our fans

Hyderabad FC Javi Siverio
Hyderabad FC Javi Siverio

Hyderabad FC have made some of the best foreign signings in the league this season. Five out of six foreign players of the Nizams have played before in the league. There’s only one foreign player without ISL experience, and it is Javi Siverio.

The 24-year-old Spanish striker has formerly played for Las Palmas B and C teams. He has previously trained under Manolo Marquez, who played a huge role in Javi Siverio’s move to the Indian Super League.

IFTWC got an opportunity to talk with Javi Siverio as the forward shared his thoughts on the league, the club, players, and his future with Hyderabad FC.

Hyderabad FCJavi Siverio

Move to India, Expectations on the league, the people behind the transfer

“Football is worldwide and doesn’t end only in Europe or South America. The experience you get playing in another country is amazing and also a great step in my career.

“Before I came here, people have told me the league is very professional, and I have seen that in the first few matches. It is a pleasure for me to be here. Coach Manolo Marquez told me many great things about Hyderabad FC before I came here; I have now experienced all of it and more. This is a great group professionally and also as friends.

“I knew coach Manolo Marquez since my days in Las Palmas; he coached me there when I was 19 years old. He was the one who convinced me to come here, and Sujay Sharma played a key role too. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I’m really happy to be here working again with coach Manolo and trying to improve my skills every day.”

Climate in India, congested ISL schedule, referees

“The climate is very good in India. There is a lot of humidity here, and it is hot too, but I’m getting used to the climate.

“I think the league is really difficult. There are a lot of matches against great teams in less gap between the games, but we have to accept this, work hard and play at our best. There are good referees in this league, but I think that with little help, everything can get better. I know it is tough, but maybe the inclusion of VAR can help them a lot.”

Quality of the league, difference between Indian and Spanish clubs

“There are many great teams; they are improving every year. I have seen some quality and skilful players. We had difficult games, but we have shown what we can. There were tough matches against I-League teams as well, and for me, this is another type of football experience to cherish in my career.

“I think that every year the difference between Indian and Spanish clubs is getting lesser. Indian clubs and players are trying to improve their qualities as each day passes by, they have a magnificent attitude, and that’s the most important thing to achieve what they want. It’s obvious that in Spain the main sport is football. I know here it is Cricket, but I think people are watching more football here every day and enjoying the sport.

Environment in the dressing room, strength of the club and the squad

“We are a great, closely-knit group, and this is the most important thing for a team. The strength of the squad and the staff is that we are optimistic, we give our best every day, and we always try to improve ourselves, which is not easy.

Hyderabad FCJavi Siverio

My teammates are all perfect, we are young people, and we have a great connection.

Opinion on the club, fans, and the city

“This is a great club, and I think the professionalism of the club is the best thing. The club is always trying to do things in a perfect way for the players, and that is amazing. Hyderabad FC has a great and big city behind them. About the fans, all I can say is that we will make them proud and hopefully, next year, we will enjoy football together in our lovely city.”

Pre-Match Rituals, best friend in the club

“I don’t really have any pre-match rituals. I try to train at my best, eat healthy food and get good rest during game weeks. That is my ritual.”

Continuing career in India, with Hyderabad FC

“I’m really happy and comfortable here, maybe stay here a lot more seasons, so why not? I’m feeling better every day playing with the team, and I think I can do great things in this league. I want to live this experience with our fans in the stands.

At the time of writing, Javi Siverio has scored four goals and has given an assist in the 421 minutes he played; the player is undoubtedly leaving his mark in the club and proving Gaffer, Manolo Marquez has made the right choice by choosing him to be part of the Hyderabad FC squad this season.

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