Jordan Murray – I think we could have had more than one win by now


Jordan Murray made his way to India and signed for Kerala Blasters in the season of ISL 2020-21. As a partnering striker for Gary Hooper, it might be safe to say that Gary Hooper had not been able to make the best of impressions in Kerala Blasters whereas Jordan Murray has had better outings compared to the prior.

It’s the first time Jordan Murray has travelled overseas in his career and on that note, he said,

“Over here, it’s been a different challenge. I’m getting to see a different brand of football with more of attacking here. But so far, I’ve been really enjoying and I’ve been learning a lot. And I’ve been wanting to improve a lot, not just for me but for the club as well.

“It’s been important to get a win since we’ve been playing some good football this season. I’m sure the morale has definitely been boosted and everyone’s now hungry for more. I think we could have had more than one win by now. I’m also trying to improve my finishing qualities. We’re just looking to get nothing but three points against Mumbai since we’ve all been improving a lot in the training and we’re confident about the match.”

Jordan Murray featured for the Central Coast Mariners previously before heading to Kerala Blasters FC this season and he has played against Adam le Fondre, whom he’ll be facing tomorrow while playing against Mumbai City FC. On that note, Jordan Murray said,

“Adam’s a quality player and he’s played at the highest level in the world, the English Premier League, the championship as well. So, he’s a class player. Playing against him last year, watching him play, his movements, his runs off the ball, his work-rate all suggests he’s good at the ball. But we’ve been trying to stop that and our defense, as a team, will be able to nullify that and we’ll try and get three points in this weekend.”

About Gary Hooper and the chemistry and competition inside the team, Jordan Murray said,

“It’s definitely a healthy relationship with the striker. We played together against Bengaluru and he is the kind of person you can look up-to, but it is definitely a healthy relationship with him. Nothing bad there, it is just a competition. I’m learning things from him every day and he is learning things from me. This competition doesn’t cause any harm or anything in the club, it just gets the best out of the players. He has played at the highest level and I get to learn things from him that I can’t from other people, so it’s good.

“I wouldn’t say Gary is struggling now. I think, that every player and every striker really go through a rough patch in their career. I’ve had plenty in my career wherein I’ve not been able to score or things didn’t really come off good. I think that’s a part of the game for every player. And for myself, it’s basically me wanting to improve a lot. It’s my first time overseas and I really want to prove myself but also being able to do good for the club, coach, staffs, and the players. I just want to try and get the best version of me out there, it’s a battle against myself. There are eleven players in the park and helping all of them improve will, in turn, help me improve, be it Sahal or Rahul, we’ll all help each other improve and I want to get the best version out of me.”

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