Juan Ferrando – Amarjit is a very good player and has lot of quality

Juan Ferrando

Juan Ferrando, head-coach of FC Goa and the defender Ivan Gonzalez addressed the media in pre-match press conference ahead of the clash against NorthEast United FC.

Speaking upon the challenge against NorthEast United FC, Ferrando said,

If you watch their games you can see that the faces of their players are very happy. They are enjoying every game and every minute. The atmosphere in the dressing room at NorthEast is perfect because they won some difficult games. The players are free on the pitch. For us, it is very important to control our emotions playing against them.”

In last match against SC East Bengal, due to suspension and injury concerns, a different defensive strategy was used. The head-coach told IFTWC,

At the end, when we were in pre-season we work with everybody. We practice with different defensive combinations because we know that there are injuries and red cards. In the end, we decide the best defence one day before the game. Because I am not worried about that decision taken because everyone is working hard. We practice with different options. We (coaching staff) prepare the team for different situations. The red cards are the decisions of the referees. But my job is to prepare the team when we are 11 or 10 or 9.

Players need to know what decision should be taken in attack and defence. We should not lose energy looking at refereeing decisions. We can work with different plans. The players also know that it is not only one plan for all the games. It is different plans and it is necessary to work on it.” he added, speaking about the situations like injury or suspensions that happens on the field.

In the last two matches, FC Goa got two red cards. Upon which the gaffer commented,

For me, the decision in Kerala’s match was strange. But when you play with 10 players, there is not the same balance in the squad against the opponents. Then it is necessary to change the way and make substitutions that aren’t planned. But, this is football. It is necessary to make the best decisions in those situations.

The winter transfer window was very busy for the Gaurs as three players were signed and one was bought on loan. Additionally, Len was sent out on loan while Lenny joined ATK Mohun Bagan. Addressing the same, Ferrando said to IFWTC,

Amarjit is a very good player and has a lot of quality. About Lenny, his target is to play a lot. I hope he plays 90 minutes there in ATK Mohun Bagan. I am happy with Dheeraj, Adil, Amarjit and Glan. They can help the team in our style and methodology. They want to fight, they want to win and it is very good for us.

Juan Ferrando concluded sharing the team news and said that Brandon still concerned with injury and will miss the match.

Ivan Gonzalez

Ivan Gonzalez picked a red card in the match against ATK Mohun Bagan. Commenting on the decision of referee,

“It was very difficult for me. But, now we have to forget the referee, forget the decisions and only focus on the upcoming game.

He shared his thoughts about the team performance and said,

Every day we train very hard. The last three games drew. But, I think the team deserves more.

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