Juan Ferrando disappointed as FC Goa faced a blow at home


FC Goa had to face a blow in their home match against Chennaiyin FC as the latter bagged a goal extra than the prior and won the game today with a scintillating performance.

On the loss Ferrando said,

“Tonight, I guess, yeah we are disappointed with the game because we weren’t good with the transition, fighting the second ball, there were a lot of mistakes. One of the reasons could be that we are having back to back games and some players could have been tired. But yeah, a totally disappointing game today.”

Ferrando suggested that the back to back games have taken a toll on the players’ recovery and the team’s training time. He said,

“Yeah, it’s because of the back to back games, and lesser time for training. Recovery is a major factor. Players who recover wholly will make it to the first eleven, otherwise we would have played with the same eleven. This is not an excuse, in fact this is how the situation is for us at the moment. But, of course, the plan didn’t work out quite well for us.

When specifically asked about Romario, Ferrando said,

“With Romario and with all the other players, we are working together. Romario started today because he was very impressive and his defensive work-rate is also very good. But today is not a day for evaluation of players. Believe me, I’m pretty disappointed about today’s game.

“Next match is against Jamshedpur, and we’d like to have proper training before the match. But today, yes we are very sad about the match.”

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