Juan Ferrando – Happy to join a club with a lot of ambition

Juan Ferrando

Head coach Juan Ferrando addressed the media ahead of ATK Mohun Bagan’s game against FC Goa on Wednesday. Below is the full transcript of the Press conference.

So you have had a week’s training here after joining how would you like to describe your preparation and experience with the players so far?

I think this moment is like what I expected, you know the players are thinking step by step about what is the target of the coach and also I am trying to find the best options for the players you know this moment and day by day we keep control about this these feelings. But I understand it’s difficult because we are in the middle of the season and there is not much time to explain tactics or exercises. But I’m happy because the players want to learn they ask me a lot of time and it’s good for us.”

What is your assessment of the squad and its quality?

“I think our squad stands very high in quality. But it’s important that our players understand that in football, it’s not just about the quality, teamwork is very vital and also we need to improve day by day. It’s also necessary to prepare plans for the upcoming games and our players must follow it.”

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What brand of football can fans expect from the team under your coaching?

“I think our target is to play an attacking brand of football and have possession in opponent’s half for the maximum time. I also want the team to press aggressively in high intensity. Every player must participate while attacking and we must understand the significance of space and improve on the one-on-one situations. I hope with time they will develop and work together as a team.”

You have been the coach of FC Goa for a long time and they played well under you in the ISL and the AFC Champions League. What are your feelings right now having changed team in the middle of the season?

“It’s difficult to express my feelings because a lot of things changed in my life in just two days, it’s tough for me to accept so many changes. I am trying to focus and work for my new club, but I also wish the best of luck to FC Goa, because sometimes it’s necessary to take these decisions.

What are your thoughts on the match against FC Goa?

“We will see, this week was very strange for me as I am preparing my new team for the match against my ex-team. It’s a very difficult situation unlike normal days as I am feeling confused and having a lot of emotions that I am not able to explain. But I am a professional and I will do my best in helping the team get ready for the match so that they can win it.”

Do you think it will be an advantage for ATK Mohun Bagan that you are aware of FC Goa’s strengths and weaknesses, having been their coach for so long?

“I don’t think so because they have a new coach and they will surely have new plans. Their coach was very close to the first team and so he is aware of all the players and their philosophy. But I put more attention on my players and the team rather than the opponents. I hope our plan will be successful.”

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What is your target for the rest of the season?

“Of course, it’s our aim to qualify for the playoffs, and then win the ISL trophy. After the season gets over we need to be prepared for the AFC Cup. Our mentality and ambition is to win every game and tournament. I feel by working hard in training, we will have success at the end of the season.”

Do you feel pressured about facing your former team right after leaving them?

“Yeah it’s true but I like it and will take it as a challenge. It’s very important for me that they (ATK Mohun Bagan) trusted me that’s why they decided to offer me this role. I am very happy that they gave me this opportunity to work here.”

Are there any injury concerns in the squad?

“No, I am happy with the work of the medical staff, they are doing a wonderful job because everybody is available and fit. It’s a pleasure for us since we will have more options and can choose the best players for tomorrow’s starting lineup.”

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