Juan Ferrando – Hyderabad FC are very good in transitions and positional attacks

Juan Ferrando

Ahead of the clash against Hyderabad FC, FC Goa’s head-coach Juan Ferrando and Midfielder Alexander Romario Jesuraj addressed the media in a pre-match press conference.

Hyderabad FC has surprised everyone even with some high-profile injuries. Under the guidance of Spanish head-coach Manuel Marquez, the young Indian players are showcasing their talent. Upon asked about the philosophy of coach and expectations from the game, Ferrando said, “I am not surprised because, before the start of the season, I knew that Hyderabad had very good players. Hyderabad would improve more for sure in the later half of season. It is necessary to pay attention to them because maybe they might surprise everyone at the end of the season.

Tomorrow would be a difficult game. They are very good in transitions and positional attacks. There are lots of details because when you play against other teams, it is necessary to pay attention to 2-3 details. But, against Hyderabad, it is necessary to focus on 6-7 points because they have more options and more ways to play,” He added.

The head-coach expressed the need of improvements in the team and said,

The aim for us is to improve game-by-game. But, in my opinion, we have not given the best performance yet. We need to work as a team. No doubt, I have a very good squad of players but it is difficult because there are a lot of games but not a lot of training sessions. Then it is necessary to work with pressure because it’s important to get three points on the field.

FC Goa

Romario Jesuraj is playing a vital role in the attack of FC Goa, Ferrando quoted saying,

There are a lot of positive points about Romario. He is very good and understands a lot about the high press. Not only attack but he’s working a lot in defence also. When we are in positional attack, he knows where the free space is and he understands timing. My target is to continue to work with him to improve more because in my opinion, he has a lot of quality and talent and it is necessary to put his talent on the field and help the team to win more games.

FC Goa has conceded 9 goals till now. After being asked about the improvement needed defensively, Ferrando said,

In my opinion, it is very important to connect. When we are working on the defensive line, it is important to understand the zones, space, the timing to attack the ball, who is better in free space, in man-to-man. It is also important to change the tactics, game-by-game depending on the opponent. ATK Mohun Bagan, Mumbai City FC or Bengaluru have success because they have worked together for past 2-3 years collectively. So they have bonded well as a team.

Alexander Romario Jesuraj expressed in his views on playing under Juan Ferrando, he said,

I am happy. But, in the end, I want to give what the team wants. If the team wins, I am happier if I give an assist.”

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