Juan Ferrando – Northeast United FC is a team that fights till the end of the match

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Ahead of the clash against NorthEast United FC, FC Goa’s head-coach Juan Ferrando and Spanish center-back Ivan Gonzalez addressed the press in a pre-match press conference.

FC Goa lost their last game against Mumbai City FC, responding it, Juan said, “Thinking mentality, everybody in the team knows what kind of football we played but also made lots of mistakes. So after the match, we analyzed and have made improvements in those departments.”

Answering on same, Ivan said, “I am really proud of my team as it wasn’t easy to play the whole second half with 10 players on the field against a team like Mumbai City FC. As coached mentioned, we have learned a lot from that match and looking forward to giving our best in the match against Northeast United FC.

Speaking upon the upcoming match against NorthEast United FC, Ferrando said, “Our mentality is always to grab three points. Even having more scoring chances we lost two points in the opening match against Bengaluru FC. We were unlucky against Mumbai City FC. But we have learned a lot from two matches so we look forward to a good game against Northeast United FC.

NorthEast United FC are very aggressive in attacking as well as in defending. I see them as a team that fights till the end of the game. We have always focused to play with more possession and attacking style of football. But sometimes depending on the situation we have to change. I am very happy because players are working so hard and pushing themselves beyond the limit.” He added.

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Speaking of ISL standard and Indian players, Ivan said, “In just two matches, I have seen Indian players are eager to prove themselves. The ISL is a bit different in some aspects but the league is very competitive and it’s improving day by day.

Brandon Fernandes is yet to play full 90 minutes while Ishan Pandita hasn’t started yet, on that note, Ferrando said, “Brandon is the key player in the team and I am happy with his performance in training sessions. Speaking of Ishan, he had an eye infection so he needs more time for training. I am sure Ishan will have his position in the squad soon.

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