Juan Ferrando opined time was against them but happy with the three points


The closely contested game came to an end as Igor Angulo sealed the deal with a late goal, lifting off the dullness of the losing run FC Goa had been having since last two games. As this happened, Jamshedpur FC’s unbeaten streak was put to halt and here’s what Juan Ferrando had to say about this.

“It was a difficult game. Playing four games in a span of ten days is difficult, you don’t get enough time to prepare against each and every team. But I’m happy because the team won, breaking the losing run.”

Juan Ferrando on FC Goa’s performance today,

“Performance looked tiring. At this moment, it’s very difficult. For example, Romario was very tired today because he’s played for four back-to-back games. It’s not just the physical tiredness, players are mentally tired and stressed as well. But now, we’re relieved that we have seven days of time to prepare against Hyderabad FC.

“In the halftime, we discussed about the movements during the set-pieces. During one set-piece, the score was against us. We told them to believe in what we’re doing. In the end, I’m happy with the score and the mentality shown by the players.

Juan Ferrando says the team is still in the process of development,

“We’re still building the team. I know it’s not valid to tell this after around seven games but the youngsters in the team will need more time to adapt that the experienced players in the team.”

Juan Ferrando signed off by stressing on the point that there’s not much time for resting, they got to start preparing themselves against Hyderabad FC and mockingly wished Santa Claus will gift FC Goa with three points in the next game.

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