Juan Ferrando – Our mentality will always be to get 3 points


Might not be the start the home side were looking for but the scintillating comeback definitely make the audience’s hearts skip a beat. FC Goa faced off Bengaluru FC at their home today and managed to hold Bengaluru FC to a draw from being down 2 goals to nil.

On that note, FC Goa’s gaffer, Juan Ferrando, said,

“Today’s was a strange game. We have to look into some of our problems in detail. But I prefer to be content because this was just the first game. The previous friendlies we played were different than from how we played today. And now, I think it is important to look into some details and learn well because the next game on Wednesday is an important one for us.”

The key Indian for FC Goa last season was Brandon Fernandes and it was intriguing to have had Brandon on bench initially. On that note, Ferrando said,

“As everyone knows, Brandon is returning from and injury from the last season’s playoffs. He was doing his physiotherapy and he joined us late during the preseason training, about two weeks after the training started. He has recovered recently and (that’s why) he played 20 minutes today.”

Igor Angulo scored a brace to make a comeback against and equalise with Bengaluru FC. It was hugely questioned as to who will fill Corominas’ shoes and on today’s performance, Ferrando said,

“Igor is our number nine. It was his job to finish when the team provides him with what’s needed”, indicating that the coach was content.

“Brandon, Aiban, Noguera, Romario, all of them were working really hard in the pitch today and they were instructed to find new spaces and gaps in the pitches to get back into the game and they did accordingly well to make a comeback when we were down to two goals. I’m happy with the performance and the point we got but not so happy because we could not get hold of all the 3 points. Our mentality will always be to get 3 points.”

Ferrando, on the note of preseason being short and the pandemic, said,

“The preseason was short. It has played a factor in how we performed in the first half. But it is not the case only for FC Goa but for others as well. It will take time for players to get adapted into every coach’s system. The pandemic led to this. But hopefully in another two to three weeks, the players will improve a lot more as they will get adapted into the system even more. And the people will then enjoy the matches not because of the physical challenges but of the tactical changes that will be brought about.”

The next game on Wednesday against Mumbai City FC will be a clash wherein a lot of emotions will be involved. On that note, Ferrando said,

“It is an important match. We’re a new team with a new coach. Mumbai, of course, is also coming with a new coach but several of their players have played under that coach before. Today’s match was a good example. Bengaluru is a big team who’ve been working together in the same manner for 3 years. But for me, it was the first time that I played them all together. So everybody needs their time. I’m sure we’ll be even better against NorthEast and then again against Kerala. But for now, all focus is on Mumbai”, Juan Ferrando signed off.